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    10 trombones were too much for me (according to my wife) so some have to go. They are all good bones, pictures available at: for Sale/
    Conn 88h close wrap, rose bell large bore Bb/F. New in Jan 2009. Played for 9 months only, then stored. As new bar very slight lacquer wear on collar/hold - see pics. Very little use. Conn 5 mouthpiece. Perfect case. £1199

    Rath R4F pre-modular rose bell. Hagmann valve, very good condition, slightest patch of wear on 1 stocking - 5mmx10mm Sharon Mcallum will the replace the whole leg for £100 labour, she already has the replacement waiting. £1100 ovno. Tired leather gig bag. This plays oh so well with a fantastic sound (in my concert and big-band settings, it sings really well in the high range too. it is one super bone, super cosmetic shape too.

    Sovereign 942R straight large bore, later version. Rose bell, excellent condition, lacquer is 100%, practically mark-free. Fully playable, I would rate the slide as a 8.5/10, but a very faint dent on the outer slide which you can just feel, but it should fix up inexpensively and become excellent. Fantastic sound and high range. £325 ovno.

    B&S Sonora medium bore King 3B workalike. 0.508" bore, 8" bell, straight. This is dimensionally the same as a King 3B classic, not quite as responsive but a useable second trombone, perhaps as a reserve for vulnerable situations like carolling or busking. Cosmetically very good, slide good. with mouthpiece and very good case. £75

    Reynolds Medalist. Classic 0.5" bore, 7.5"bell straight. Good case. A very good player, very clean, and quite jazzy. Plush case in vgc for only £50

    I am a perfectionist who looks after his stuff, I don't think anyone will be disappointed with any of these bones.
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    got to ask, if you are selling these what do you actually use?
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    Hi Steve, my main bone in a Xeno 882, I also use a 3B and a 354 for small-bore big band stuff.