Trombones for euphonium players

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    I'm a euphonium player and I went to John Myatt's in Hitchin the other day to try out some trombones. The brass man wasn't in that day, and I was wondering what sort of trombones do most euphonium players go for. I play a Besson Prestige with a Wick SM3.5 mouthpiece, and currently a Bach Stradivarius bass trombone with the same mouthpiece.

    Any suggestions? :confused:


  2. Steve

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    The answer is they all use different ones.

    There is no such thing as a trombone that is easier for euphonium players to play and in playing both you are sacrificing your main instrument a little (unless you are one of these that practices both for hours a day).

    The physical aspects of playing trom and euph are so different I very much doubt you fill find one that uses the same techniques as euph. If you have the money a Rath trombone is the best bet as it will be built with your euph playing in mind. After that I would probably say the Edwards and the Conn, I have been playing on a yamaha for over a year and play euph in between. I think its a case of buying a trom you like and then learning to adapt between the two.

    Good luck
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    a valve trombone :p:tongue:
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    I guess it does depend on what type of music your going to play and how much money you've got!! Typically brass band parts have different requirements to orchestral or big band. you may need three!!!

    I gave up Euph years ago (it's too hard!) and I play an Edwards and wouldn't touch anything else. If you've two and a half grand spare the guys at The Valve will tailor the instrument to exactly what you want - but you gota pay for it!

    Be worth having a chat with them though.
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    Well, I play on a yamaha tenor trombone (trigger-less) with a Wick 4BS mouthpiece, whereas on my euph I play a sov with an SM4 mouthpiece. It doesn't seem to do me any harm.

    The fact of the matter is, it won't make much difference. A trombone is a different instrument to the euphonium and therefore when you play it you have to be prepared to adjust for this.

    As long as you work on the aspects of each instrument that are more difficult (for example, upper register is undoubtably harder to do on a euphonium compared to a tenor) then you shouldn't have a problem switching between the two.

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