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  1. Hi guys

    I've got a friend who might be looking to change band after the area contest.

    He's looking for a solo trombone seat, ideally in the 1st section although he told me he would consider top of the 2nd section bands aswell.

    He's looking for a band in west yorkshire although he may consider east lancashire aswell depending on where the band is located.

    If theres any band who might be able to let him come down for a rehearsal after the areas then please let me know so I can let him know.

    He's asked me not to put any of his personal details on here for now, but he will probably get me to put them on after the area if he still wants to move bands.

    You can either leave a post on this thread or PM me for confidentiality if you know of any bands with this criteria looking for a top seat trombone player.


  2. flower girl

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    Lindley band are (or were) looking for a solo trombone. Maybe he would be interested in that.

    07773 595331 or email
  3. SuperCat

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    I thought Hebden Bridge had been looking for a Solo Trom? Perhaps your friend could have a blow there after the area?

    Good luck,

  4. SuperCat

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    Old Hall Brass are also looking for a trom and they're 1st sec. Perhaps you could contact them - for your friend?
  5. Thought Hebden Bridge already had one in mind. Might be worth an audition though (for your friend)..:oops:
  6. barrytone

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    I can confirm that Hebden Bridge currently have a full trombone section and will have after the areas also. Sorry Madandcrazytromboneguy but your friend will need to look elsewhere.
  7. Clive, you'd have to see what sort of commitment your friend would be prepared to have as bands won't just put up with people missing rehearsals for poor excuses. Especially at section 1 level.
  8. vonny

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    Clive - so you are looking to join another band then?

    Yvonne x
  9. flower girl

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    Lmao, Sooooooooo Discreet Wasn't IT
  10. Cornishwomble

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    Not just me thinking it then! :cool:
  11. HBB

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    Nope! :p
  12. flower girl

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    nope not at all
  13. MickM

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    Maybe Clive's friend IS real :-? but i must admit, when i read the first post it reminded me of a film starring Rik Mayall about a anarchic Invisible Friend called Fred :wink:
  14. 2nd man down

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    LMAO...Chunky!! Now I see what it's her discretion and ability to keep her thoughts to herself that attracted you wasn't it?? LOL :clap:
  15. WoodenFlugel

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    OK enough about who this thread might be about, does anyone know of a 1st / 2nd section West Yorkshire band that this mysterious player could join?
  16. I hate having to do a moderators job here but here we go.

    Firstly, it is a friend of mine who asked me to put a post up as his internet aint working at the moment.

    Secondly, i will be playing for my current band at the areas, that is fact and confirmed.

    Thirdly, i think you guys should all agree that speculation and making up a load of bull isnt a very nice thing to do as you know stories in brass banding seem to get made up way too easily these days and the fact is, if you dont know the facts, you should just keep quiet.

    And finally, fourthly, aint it against the tmp rules to deviate against the topic in hand? the thread asked people to provide information of any bands who might be looking for a trombone player after the area contest, and only information for that reason, nothing else!

    From now on i would like to ask all of you to stick to this and keep this thread a friendly and informative thread, not a threatening and bullstirring thread.

    For any of you questioning my commitment to my current band, i can confirm that i will be giving it my best effort between now and including the area. i stick to this at whichever band i play for and i find it usually comes out with a pretty positive outcome.

    Please stick to the original topic from now on.

  17. WoodenFlugel

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    Clive - read my previous post ;)
  18. barrytone

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    A bit of friendly advice, try looking on other sites such as or Both have recruitment sections. I notice Lindley need a solo or bass trombone for the areas, think they've advertised on here and 4barsrest too, if you're friend is in practice, why not contact them? They're a competant band who competed in the championship section last year. Would think it's worth a try.

    Seems to be alot of player shifting after areas so maybe worthwhile waiting until after and seeing what vacancies occur? Depends whether your mate would like to play at areas or not.

    As for rumours, you'll never stop people talking, it's human nature. The fact that you're a trombone player and have advertised for a solo trombone position leads to speculation, but as you say, you're committed to your current band. Would have stopped the speculation completely if you'd reaffirmed your commitment to your band full stop and not just to the area contest, still leaves room for gossip, just my opinion. :)
  19. timbloke

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    Imps were looking ages ago, not sure if they filled it with a permanent player - website still says they need one. There was a few looking a couple of months ago, think its just a case of waiting.
  20. hi Tmp people, havent posted much for a bit. whos this freind of yours whos looking for a band? male / female. its not long till the areas now. have you got in contact with ya old freinds of lindley for your freind? cya at band on wed if ya coming.