Trombone Tutorbooks (x3) Andre Lafosse Methode Complete

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    Andre Lafosse's Methode Complete is an excellent book for Slide-Trombonists and will help them do develop and secure technique. The first volume contains various exercises and studies to help you learn positions and produce a clean sound on the instrument. This is a fantastic resource for Trombonists who are serious about progressing effectively with their playing.

    There are 3 books in the series and each one retails at around £40.

    This price is for is all 3 books. Book 2 & 3 are in excellent condition, book 1 has been used extensively and there is some damage to the spine but all pages are intact and in good condition. Yes £50 for the complete aspiring trombone player should be without this set!

    Asking £50 for the lot ONO...emigrating so make me an offer....

    pm or email
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    Many thanks now sold