Trombone/Trumpet needed

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Bob James, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Bob James

    Bob James New Member

    May have posted this in the wrong section, as cross-posting is not likely to be allowed please delete the other thread. Sorry.

    I am putting together a funk project in the vein of Jamiroquai/Incognito. I am looking for people who are able to record their own instrument into their computer (i.e. have a mic) and can exchange files via e-mail/AIM.

    I already have the trumpet/trombone lines put together with synth brass sounds, I can exchange these with you via mp3 with attached click so you get a feel of how it goes, although some may prefer reading. It's just a melody repeated so the recorded product (assuming you have facilities to record) shouldn't be huge as a Wav file.

    I am doing it this way because I have space restrictions and not enough equipment to record a full brass section, or even individually, but you will be credited and this is for demo purposes only not commercial. I hope people show interest, although there aren't many posts in this section.

    Thanks in advance :tup :cool:
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