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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by ekimmort, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. ekimmort

    ekimmort Member

    I need to purchase a New Trombone Stand and I am currently looking to see what is on the market. Does

    anyone have any experience of the HERCULES DS420B Travlite (stores in bell) Stand ?
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  2. phildriscoll

    phildriscoll Moderator Staff Member

    I bought one earlier this year for my flugabone (a coiled up valve trombone). Sadly it was too long to fit inside the bell, so I swapped it with a traditional stand my brother had. He now uses the hercules with his sovereign trombone, and it works great. It fits beautifully inside the instrument for transport and means one less item to lug around.
  3. hicks

    hicks Member

    Didn't know you could buy such a stand. Is there a risk of getting dents in the bell though?
  4. phildriscoll

    phildriscoll Moderator Staff Member

    The stand itself is covered in a velvet-like material and also sits inside a cloth bag when folded up. This means that causing scratches is unlikely. It is also a good fit inside the trombone bell (at least on my brother's instrument) so I can't imagine it coming loose and being able to move around and dent the instrument unless the cased trombone was subjected to forces violent enough that they may well also cause damage by other means. It may be that on an instrument with a larger bell, the stand would fit somewhat deeper inside, and you might be inclined to pad the space within the bell above the stand with a piece of cloth to make sure that the stand could not fall out while the instrument was in its case.
  5. hicks

    hicks Member

    Is this stand stable enough to support a Bb/F instrument?
  6. Sopman

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    I bought one about a month ago for my son who has recently moved to trombone from trumpet. It works a treat. With it fitting in the bell it means he doesn't have yet another item to carry to school. It does make his instrument case quite heavy, but is very sturdy. The fold out legs cover quite a large area and so doesn't feel like it would easily fall over if knocked. Its not the cheapest stand out there, but definatley worth the money (I think I paid £25 for it).
  7. Martin Cordy

    Martin Cordy Member

    my experiences of these is that they are great if you cant carry a traditional stand (ie on train etc etc!) but tend not to be as robust or sturdy as their predecessors.

    The one that I have is more than capable of supporting a Bb/F trombone - just would prefer to use an old style one!!! perhaps I'm just ove cautious!
  8. Mike Saville

    Mike Saville Member

    K&M everytime - that's from someone that has owned a lot of trombone stands in his time!!
  9. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    I've got a K&M stand. Fits in the bell. Not exactly the sturdiest stand you can buy though, I wouldn't trust it on uneven ground or in a mild wind.
  10. Mike Saville

    Mike Saville Member

    I should clarify - not the K&M that fits in the bell (not great IMO) but the sturdy black metal version. Doesn't fit in your bell - but doesn't fall over either.
  11. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    Absolutely! My daughter has one of these and it was carried inside her Conn 88H in the case (not a gig bag) inside the bag the stand comes with to a course. Upon arrival at the course said trombone had numerous new dents that can quite simply only be attributed to the stand as they were EXACTLY were the stand touched the inside of the instrument. It was also quite wobbly so not the best spent 25 quid for sure.

    We no longer use it.
  12. ekimmort

    ekimmort Member

    Many thanks for the input on this subject, I think I will give this model
    a miss.
  13. Chris Thomas

    Chris Thomas Member

    On the other hand, mine works fine - no dents, as it comes in a lovely velvet bag. Jo has a Conn 88h and Andy has an Edwards B545 and both are happy.

  14. BoozyBTrom

    BoozyBTrom Member

    I have the same one and use a Edwards 454 and never had any issues.

    Chris have you managed to keep Jo sober and accident free in the run up to BiC?
  15. hicks

    hicks Member

    Well it's already been stated that this stand has damaged an instrument. I'd rather not take the risk.
  16. Baritonedeaf

    Baritonedeaf Member

    K&M Black one is superb. Fits in the side pocket of my Protec case too.