Trombone Stands ????????

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by rgdunning, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. rgdunning

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    Dear All!! Can anyone advise on the stands that store inside the bell for transportation? Are they any good for a Bb&F Bone? :-?
  2. 8th position

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    Whilst they may be very convenient, I've seen a lot of trombone bells that have been damaged by carrying a trombone stand in the bell. Because of the way that these things have to be designed to fit in the bell, they not always the most stable solution for your trombone when they're actually in use either.

    I (and lots of trombone playing friends and collegues) have found the K and M trombone stands to be excellent. Depending on what you use to carry your trombone in (case, gig bag etc.) the K and M can actually fold up to be small enough to go in the pocket of a gig bag. I use a Protec case and can get a K and M stand, 2 mutes and other bits and pieces in the outside pocket so that I only need to pick up and carry one "bag" with everything that I need in it.
  3. Hells Bones

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    Rob uses a Courtois Gig bag, no outer pockets which is why he is looking for one that sits in the bell!
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    I'm not a trombone player, but I do know that all the K&M stands are designed to fold up small enough to be transported in the bell.

    Whether you'd choose to transport 1/2kg of hard plastic and aluminium, unsupported in the thin, soft bell section of you instrument is another thing entirely....
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    Cheers for but thats the reason for the thread, i wanted to hear from Bone players that have got these stands and t give me an honest opinion. it doesn't seem logical though does it!!!!
    Keep Sliding :rolleyes: