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    Does anyone know where I can get a Trombone Stand which is NOT inserted into the bell? A friend of mine has a stand which holds the trombone by supporting the cross-piece of the slide, and it does away with the risk of scratching/denting the bell when the trombone is put onto it. I would like to get hold of one of these, the only problem being that my friend has had it so long, he's forgotten where he got it from! Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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    When I played trombone regularly I always used a standard trombone stand, but with a good quality yellow duster over it, and never had any problems wit scratching etc.
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    I've used the K and M stand for a while now and never had any problems with it. It has a large rubber stopper to protect the bell (of course you could put a duster over it as well) and collapses so that it will go into the outside pocket of my gig bag.
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    Sounds exciting there Mr Long - I was expecting to see a stand where the Trom was clamped horizontally at a playable height - you know, to make it easier to play and such!

    Good to see your wise words on here as well. :)

    I use a pair of excellent stands made by Proel (never heard of them before) for my Trom and Marching Bari, but have to use a duster to keep it nice. You could always get a black duster if you do not want to look class less - mine is a fetching sky blue!

    See you at the weekend Mr.
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    Absolutely Mr. Bale. I've played the same trombone for 10 years and used a standard stand with a yellow duster and the inside of the bell is probably the only part of the trombone which isn't scratched!
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    Has anyone got/used one of these stands from Hercules? Are they any good?