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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Basstiger, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Basstiger

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    Hi All

    Very foolishly I sold my old (70s) Hamilton trombone stand a few years back, and have never found anything like as good since. I recently bought a new Hamilton from the US but it is nothing like as good quality as the old one, the bell support is only adjustable using an Allen key and won't do up tight enough.

    What do the rest of you use for your bass 'bones? I have a Yamaha 613H which is not the heaviest beast out there.

  2. 2nd tenor

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    As a Trombone player the sturdiest stand that I've come across is made by Hercules, their DS520B. I've only used it for a Bb/F Tenor but found it more stable than anything else. See: .

    Rather than being 'supported' by its bell the trombone's handgrip is used instead. By using that grip or mounting the centre of gravity of the Trombone is above and much nearer the centre of support given by the stand's three legs.

    I hope that you have other and better replies, but mine's a start.
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  3. MoominDave

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    Second-hand Hamilton? Mine's still going strong after 23 years of use, and doesn't balk at my BBb/FF contra in terms of weight - don't think anyone makes anything that combines ease-of-use, stability, adjustability, and sturdiness quite so well these days, rather oddly.
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  4. Toby

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    I've got a heavy duty K&M stand which I am very happy with (I think it is the 14990, but could be wrong). It is significantly better than the previous Hamilton stand I owned.
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  5. Basstiger

    Basstiger Member

    Thanks all, I've just picked up a 2nd hand heavy duty K&M off ebay and it would seem to be just the job. Still wish I'd not sold the original Hamilton though.....shame their stands are so flimsy by comparison now!
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