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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by mictop, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. mictop

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    The band has is now playing Disney Fantasy and I have got to play the Trombone solo, having spent years on the Bass Trombone (fine instrument) I am now having problems with the slide positions above top A. Could anybody out there let me know the slide positions for the higher notes. (tune a day only goes up to A!!!)
  2. KerryH

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    Top A is in short 2nd position, Bb in 3rd, B in 2nd then C and D in 1st. I think that's as high as that solo goes if I remember right.
  3. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    Agreed, but the D (concert C) works better in 3rd and is more in tune. If you play it in 1st, it's easy to get, but quite sharp.


    I disagree about the top D being any more in tune in 3rd than in 1st. The problem with playing it in 3rd is that if your lip isn't used to going up into that register, then you are definately more likely to get a top Bb than a D in 3rd. In 1st, you have a better chance of getting it and if it is slightly out of tune then you can easily flatten it with the slide coming slightly out of 1st pos.

    You also have to adjust the positions slightly as you go further up the register. A above the stave (conc. G) is in 2nd but B above the stave is in 'short' 2nd. This makes it more in tune and also means its easier to get as there is a slide change as well as lip/breath control.
  5. Ipswich trom

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    Think you have these the wrong way around. See the post above by Bass Trumpet!
  6. Texus

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    as a bass bone squeeler, top d / c in 1st is the 'wrong way' and will be out of tune. Personally, i find a tight clench and 1st position to work well!
  7. mictop

    mictop New Member

    Thanks guys for the help having played (well triedto!!) bass bone for 34 years these notes are in a register that I didn't know existed so I guess that it is practice, practise, practise. That will please the neighbours
  8. Bones

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    A method I use when extending the range is to start from G (Concert F) above the stave, and play for a couple of semi breve. Then I move up a semitone at a time, still playing a couple of semi breves. If a not doesn;t play cleanly enough, start at the G again and try again. Theis will enable you to hear the note, articulate it cleans and build stamina to your chops so that the note is in your range. I believe bob Childs once said, that you should comfortably be able to play a note above the highest one you are trying to play.

    Be carefully not to bruise your chops too much by constantly pressing on too hard.



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