Trombone player required for New Orleans Jazz Band

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    Opportunity for an experienced trombone player able to play jazz or wanting to develop their musical skills further and . The Keep Clear Jazz Band, based near Amersham, Buckinghamshire, is a six piece New Orleans style jazz band made up of Trumpet/Cornet/Flugel, Clarinet/Saxophone, Piano, Guitar/Banjo, Tuba/Bass Guitar, Drums. A trombone is required to enhance the great sounds the group makes.

    The group plays for the love of it not for money (generally). The gigs they do are mainly for charity and paid in food and beer. Where payment is made that goes towards the rent for their rehearsal facilities.

    Website under construction but have a look anyway -

    If anyone is interested they can email me at or by phone on 07956 626228

    Thanks for looking and I hope this is of interest to someone. :D
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    Good luck to you. We're finding that in this particular area trom players seem to be as rare as hen's teeth!

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