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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by kstring24, Sep 29, 2006.

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    I'm looking to join a brass band in preferably the Salford area. I've played trombone for over a year and I'm about grade 5-6 standard. I do have experience of playing in brass bands because I've played the euphonium for 10 years but I want to keep up playing the trombone to save my instrument rusting in the corner of my room! I can read treble clef, but not fluent in bass clef just yet.

    Since I started learning brass I've played in a 4th section band called the Lincoln Beevor Band, I'm not sure about the band's standard as we don't compete, but since moving to Salford to study music at university I'm currently with the university's band on euphonium.

    My biggest problem is that I don't have a car so I would have to catch a bus or get a taxi, so a band close to where I live would be ideal unless I could get another form of transport - I'm not about to walk through the area with a nice shiny trombone!

    Thanks for any help, much appriciated!