Trombone Player Available!

Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by madandcrazytromboneguy, Oct 24, 2005.

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    Trombone Player/ Musical Director Available!

    hi everyone!

    if your band is in need of a trombone player then please contact me to see if im available to help you out.

    i own a Bb/f trombone.

    i can do either treble, tenor, or bass, although treble is my preferred clef.

    if you would like me to play bass trombone i would require an instrument, although i do own a large tenor trombone/small bass trombone mouthpiece (denis wick 3AL).

    i have ABRSM grade 8 and depending on what the piece/pieces are, i'd be happy to play at any level.

    i am also looking for conducting opportunities aswell so if theres any bands needing an MD dep then dont hesitate in contacting me. i would be happy to dep for any level of band as it would give me some good experience although i am looking to start my full time conducting in the 4th section where i can develop my musical directing and help bring some success to a lower section band.

    this summer i passed my BA Hons Band Studies degree and it is that course which has given me the teaching, guidance and interest in conducting and band training.

    i dont currently have my own transport so unless lifts are available i would have to use public transport to get to the rehearsal/concert/contest.

    i would only charge a small fee (for travelling and time mostly) as i'm wanting to do this to gain experience with other bands of all levels, rather than to make a living from it.

    i am currently bandless although i will be busy with a band though september, but after that then i will be without a band again

    if you would like anymore info about me or you would like to see if i can help your band out then please contact me by replying to this post or by sending me a PM, I can then give you my more direct contact details

    thanks for reading

    Clive Morris
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  2. madandcrazytromboneguy

    madandcrazytromboneguy Member

    sorry mods i dont know the rules for doing this so if ive broken any then just let me know and i'll change the post in whatever way i need to
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