Trombone Myths - 1812 mute shooting

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by craigster, May 17, 2004.

  1. craigster

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    I am sure many of you have heard the infamous story/urban legend of the South American trombone player who tried to lighten things up in the 1812 overture by shooting his mute out of his bell via a firecracker and the havoc that subsequently ensued.

    Discovery Channel in North america has a show called Mythbusters where they take stories/myths/legends and try and see if it could really happen.

    Last night they tried the firecrcker in the trombone. One firecracker really shot the mute out quite effectively with little damage to the trombone and a nice direct shot at the dummy they used. When they added six firecrackers, it not only shot the mute straight through the dummy, but it obliterated the bell on the trombone as well.

    Not sure if Discovery Channel will carry it overseas, but it is episode eleven on their listings.

    Well worth trying to see! I wonder if they will show us how to install gun sights on our trombones so we can make sure that the mute flies out and hits the right person?

  2. Nuke

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    See now adding six firecrackers was where they went wrong.
  3. Seedhouse

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    Lol! Heard about that a while ago... think it was in one of the Darwin books... if not it deserves to be! :lol: VEEEEEEERY STUPID!
  4. Sharpy

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    Let this be a warning to all conducters who tell us to play quieter!!!! Probably more accurate than an SA80 anyway!!
  5. stripybananas

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    lol! we so should have used 1812 for our finale at Blackpool! we were gonna use fireworks or something similar, but we weren't too keen on risking any damage to our instruments, and our program was too long so it was cut anyway! But now we know so long as you don't get carried away its all good....well....roll on next year!!!!!
  6. tim

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    The tombonist only got an honoury darwin award... He didn't die but it was a cracking effort!
  7. ScrapingtheBottom

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    I say fair play to him - he managed to get the conductor and the first clarinet player (who must be a whinger by definition) in one devastating attack.
  8. FastFinguredFreddy

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    shame he couldnt take out the Oboe section as well! :lol:
  9. kate_the_horn

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    maybe i should've tried that when i infamously got that cornet straight mute, stuck in my horn bell!!

    kate x