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    Hi there,

    I acquired an old, used trombone last year for a birthday present and being an Eb bass player, the mouthpiece is pretty small for me, compared to the bucket sized tuba gob irons available. I used to play baritone and euphonium, but the mouthpiece is a copy of a 12C (a lot smaller than the mouthpieces I used to use), so my question is...what is the largest, small bore mouthpiece available?

    I'm a very basic beginner, working my way around a new instrument for a laugh, so as long as its massive, I'll be happy, as it won't be too drastic a change from playing tuba and will help relieve stress from my top lip, which has a lump of hard scar tissue in it, preventing me playing very small mouthpieces.

    If anyone has any they have to sell, that would be helpful too!


  2. 2nd tenor

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    As you know trombone mouthpieces come in two different shank sizes, and you are looking for a small rather than large shank. As I recall Wick's 4BS is about the largest small shank available. Bach also list some large rim small shank mouthpieces. The 12c is typically for begineers and jazz players. Bach's 6 1/2 AL and Wicks 6BS are popular trombone pieces that are easy enough to get hold of second hand and might well suit an ex baritone and euphonium player. Hope that helps
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    One that is slightly narrower but also has a reasonable cup on it is the Bach 5G small shank - but make sure you get that, and not a 5G large shank (won't fit) or a 5GS ('S' stands for shallow - easily confused with the Denis Wick nomenclature, where it stands for small shank). Bach confusingly label both large and small shank versions of the same mouthpiece with the same label.

    To go larger than the Wick 4BS mentioned you'll be looking at either very expensive off-the-shelf options (e.g. Curry do bass trombone sized pieces with small shanks), or very expensive modular options (e.g. a Doug Elliott system). However, I wouldn't bother - i) it costs a lot, and ii) it's unlikely to result in a good trombone noise anyhow. These are options for players with a lot of experience and unusual playing needs.
  4. 2nd tenor

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    DT's comments are spot on. If you find a 4BS too small and still want to have a go at trombone then there are options. You could borrow a large bore instrument - as a learner preferably without trigger - and try a bass trombone piece in it. If you have a pal who is good on a lathe then the shank of a mouthpiece could be tuned down to suit, not a cheap or easy option, some dimensions on the Bach website, I think that the taper is a standard Morse angle but check. It's uncertain to me how well a large cup mouthpiece would work on a small bore ...... there will be reasons why 4BS is about the max size available.
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    Just an observation, but if you get hold of the information sheet that comes with every DW mouthpiece, it gives comparisons and mouthpiece dimensions (rim widths etc). Of course, this might be stating the obvious, but .......
  6. B.Portas

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    Thanks for all the help - I have checked both Wick and Bach size guides, and I take into account that a small bore trombone probably requires a smaller mouthpiece - just wondered if there was anything bigger out there to make shifting my embouchure easier, from a lesser known company.

    4BS or Bach 3 might be a good way to go, but if I end up taking trombone a bit more seriously, I might invest in a cheaper bass trombone at some point, and use mouthpieces more my size ;)
  7. Euphman2

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    Check out the Gear4Music site. I bought a Bb/F single trigger trombone which takes a DW 2AL 3AL 4AL mouthpiece.

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