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    I have recently moved from cornet to trombone:eek: so i am seeking the following advice (no i don't want to know where the nearest asylum is).The trombone i have been handed is a Yamaha 681B,and the mouthpiece is a Dennis Wick 5AL.If any fellow trombonists could advise me (A) is this mouthpiece suitable,(B)which tutor books would you recommend.:-?
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    I'm no trombonist so I can't offer you advice on this, but I can ask that requests of this sort are posted in the correct forum and not submitted as User News!

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    i moved from cornet to trombone about 4 years back now but i didn't really use a study book i just got all the positions drummed into me. im on a yamaha and play on a 5G vincent bach. for getting the slide action going try "koprasch 60 studies" you can get it for trombone i think but i use the trumpet one. its like a smaller arban that takes you through rhymths that you rarely get so your always prepared. well that's what my teacher says to make me feel like its helping me ahah.
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    The 5AL is a good stock size for trombone, many very fine players use mouthpieces of this size.

    As far as tutors go, if you have worked out how the positions relate to the valve combinations, I'd stick with whatever you've already got. Th'Arban's a good starting point.
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    The Otto Langey is a decent book. Tune a Day is a bit child orientated but the Arban is also a gooden
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    Mouthpiece wise it depends on what register you will be playing in mostly
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    A 5AL is fine, you should be able to play anything on that. There's too much faffing about with mouthpieces in the world anyway.

    In terms of books to use, the Kopprasch 60 studies books are good, especially for playing in a variety of keys, but I think they're printed in bass clef. There might be a treble version out there, but they're a bit old fashioned, so I doubt it.

    The Bourgeois books Splinters of Bone (dead easy), Bone of Contention (moderate) and fantasy pieces (hard to very hard) are good, and I'm pretty sure they come in treble clef.
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    Amen to that. 5AL will do you just fine.

    A book you could do well to have a look at is 'How Trombonists Do It' by Eric Crees and Peter Gane. Slide positions and notes are one thing - but legato on the trombone is different to other brass instruments and this book will tell you what you need to know.
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