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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I've been 'logged on' to TMP for a while now but thought i'd introduce myself and let you all get to know me like the forum says.

    My name is Matthew and I started playing trombone because my awful music teacher at primary school wouldnt allow boys into the recorder group - just think what i'd be doing now if I'd carried on into woodwind, and not brass!

    My best friend at the time played with a band near me, and his dad, the late great Roy Prescott took it upon himself to pop round to my house once a week and give me trombone lesson. This was due partly to the fact that at the time they had no other spare instruments. I could have been a cornet player! Bizarre!

    I started on the contest stage with uppermill band but had to leave to go on my GAP year just as they started hitting the big time in the forth section and moving upto the 3rd section.

    I then played with a few local bands when I could fit it in over in Derbyshire on trombone and began learning percussion and kit. I then sat in with a few bands over in the Kent area before I settled down to a very happy and comfortable year at Bettshanger Colliery band in Deal where I played all the Trombone positions where needed. It was very refreshing to be in a higher section band.

    Now i'm back in Manchester I have rejoined my original band Denton on Solo Trombone, and have attempted to get back into percussion with Glossop Old band where I did my first contest on kit at the Grand Shield where we came 2nd!

    For a number of years I have conducted our small but successful junior section of the band, and have learnt to play euphonium and horn for this purpose. I have also conducted the main band at a number of venues, though mainly at Christmas time.

    In my spare time I also like caving and climbing and travelling (i dont mean on the bus to work!) I would really like to have the chance to sit in more higher section bands on second trombone to increase my skill and stamina.

    So there you are, I hope I havent blown my 'trombone' too much in this

    Matt (