Trombone Gig Bag For Sale!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by i love my trombone, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. i love my trombone

    i love my trombone Member


    I have a trombone gig bag for sale. It is a well padded black/silver 'Ritter Junior' bag, RJB700-TB and can be seen in the alternative colour on the Ritter website:

    As well as space for any 'normal-sized trombone' [i checked about this when I bought it; mine is a standard Bb/F trombone and fits fine] there are pockets to fit music, a music stand and most peripheral items you might need, which I have found useful.

    It is about a year old and the condition is as good as new - I am only selling it because I don't ever need to walk as far with my trombone as I used to!

    I paid 60 pounds for it just over a year ago - any offers will be considered! :) Postage or some local collection method could be arranged.

    If you are interested and want any more information please PM me or reply to this post.

  2. i love my trombone

    i love my trombone Member

    Still wanting to sell this item, if anyone is interested! Sally
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