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  1. Hi everyone

    A friend of mine is a student at Sheffield University and is looking for a band to play with. Shes a good standard trombone player (grade 8 passed ages ago) and is a committed,reliable player but would only be availbale during term times for obvious reasons.

    If you could welcome someone on these terms and are located close to Sheffield centre please drop me a note and I'll pass them onto her

  2. bassmittens

    bassmittens Member

    Hi there,

    Stannington Brass BAnd have a trombone vacancy. We are a good 1st section band, and have a busy but fun-packed Xmas schedule. The band room atmosphere is always fun, we reharese in a Bar, and are on the tram route in Sheffield - but people travel from all over Sheffield so lifts should be no problem.

    The band are rehearsing tonight - PM me and i'll give you my number if she's interested.

  3. JohnnyEuph

    JohnnyEuph Member

    Is this tenor trombone or Bass? because we have a vacancy on Bass, and people who travel over from Sheffield (about 19 miles away)
  4. Sarah is a tenor trombone player. sorry, should have made that clear.
  5. timbloke

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    As the tenor trombonist who has left Stannington on a "sabbatical" can I second what Lindon said. A great band to play with and would suit a student as I could always cover for the vacation times.
  6. Sincerest thanks to those who have got in touch so far. I'll be passing on a list to Sarah later this week, so if anyone else has any contacts of bands local to central Sheffield please reply. If you have them, details of rehearsal nights would be useful. You can private mail me if you'd prefer.

  7. geordiecolin

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    Think Stannington'll be about as central as you can get.... Which uni are they at? If its Broomhill/Crookes they're living then Stannnington would be the local band.

    Other than that you've got:

    Thurcroft (?)
    Thorpe Hesley(all further north)

    Killamarsh (both out towards Roth'rum)

    Dronfield (Just south of Sheffield)
    Ireland Colliery (over towards Chesterfield)

    South Yorks Police (Dunno where they're currently rehearsing)

    Barnsley Building Soc
    Old Silkstone
    Rockingham (still going?) (all out Barnsley way)
  8. tubafran

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    NO, please we've already got 6 trombones and the occasional guest too. Sorry but I'd say our trom seats are full - in fact we haven't got enough chairs for the ones we've got. Now, cornets, fugel or horns - we've got a bit of room left there and we can always borrow some chairs off the troms.

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