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    Oh how I laughed!
    Thought that I'd smarten up my York Eminence cornet - it's a great blow, but anyone who has an Eminence, cornet or euph, will know that the black nickle trim wears, so I treated having the bit n' bobs gold plated by F H Lambert's - wow what a great job they did for not that much money.
    All arrived back today and so excitedly reassembling the cornet.
    Have you ever tried to get the triggers back on a York or a Prestige? - Oh my life!
    It's taken me a hour and a half to get the first trigger back on. My thumb is raw, goodness knows how many PSI the spring is. You need fingers the diameters of pencils. I went cross eyed trying to see the groove in the pin and every time I thought I was just about there, the whole lot exploded and shot across the room at 90 MPH!
    Oh how I laughed.......
    Just as well there's no band tonight or anything on the box, because now I've got to tackle the other one!!!
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    Here's a method that was worked out for me by one of our members who was a retired engineer...

    1. One person holds the cornet firmly upright on a table (ie on its valve bases). Use a thick towel under it. They should have a thin screwdriver in hand if possible.
    2. Second person positions the 3rd valve trigger roughly in place and hooks a loop of string under the loops on the end of the spring and pulls up. HARD...
    3. First person slips screwdriver into the screw-hole as soon as it becomes visible - this should hold it in place while you remove the string and take a breather!
    4. It's then not too hard to hold the trigger in place while the screwdriver is removed and the proper screw inserted.

    It's not easy, but I've used this method on Sov's and also the York Eminence and it can help to get the spring located without risking scratching the instrument.

  3. julian

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    Andy, what a star you are!!
    You're right it's not easy, but we did it!!!!
    Thank you so much
  4. andyh

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    That's great, glad it worked for you!

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