Tribute to Charlie Taylor / Tyldesley Band Reunion

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    Calling anyone who has been connected to Tyldesley Brass Band and friends of Charlie Taylor!

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    We are planning to hold a Tyldesley Brass Band reunion for all former and current players/MD's on Saturday 27th or Sunday 28th October 2012 (date to be confirmed). As well as this being an opportunity for old friends to be reunited, we would like to plan a concert as a tribute to Charlie Taylor for his years of dedication towards the brass band movement, and in particular in his lifelong commitment to Tyldesley Brass Band. Charlie of course will be in attendance at this event, but at this stage he will not be aware we are planning this on his behalf so please keep this secret for now!

    It is planned that a number of Charlie's favourite brass band pieces can be played as part of this concert. If you are interested in attending, please contact: Simon Jones on or 07796530718 providing the following information: Full Name, Dates involved in Tyldesley Band, Instrument played, would you like to play or be a member of the audience for this concert and contact details. Any memories you have of Tyldesley Band or Charlie Taylor you would like to share would also be useful.

    You may also like to join our facebook group to keep updated with these arrangements:

    We hope to finalise numbers over the next couple of months so please spread the word far and wide and register your interest to attend as soon as possible.

    Thanks, Simon