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  1. Thegroupies

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    ANyone tell me when the Treorchy competition is :?:

    Also do you know if a list of competing bands is yet available, after such a low show at Burry Port.
    Want to make sure its worth taking the day off work for :roll:
  2. Curious

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    15th November. No idea of line up though.
  3. Tuba Girl

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    I think the line up might be similar to Burry Port as for alot of bands it is not worth it.
    Which is a shame :( :( :(
  4. Jordan

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    The Welsh Association

    for some reason our association is set on killing welsh banding!! the whole champion band of wales at 3 contests was the reason bands attended the contest! not for the £125 prize money and spending over £400 for conductors fees etc. I really am gutted that theydecided to appoint the champion band of wales as the winners of the area, thus killing off the 3 contests that they run, which may i add i used to enjoy playing in!!. Unless they bump up the prize money then the likes of BTM, Tredegar and even Cory may start showing up again!! it was the fact that they did not even tell the bands about swapping the champion band of wales title over to the area, what a way to treat your bands!!! :cry: hence now there is no insentive to turn up tp the contests which is a great shame. I hope something is sorted out soon for the sake of welsh banding as a whole, maybe some young blood is needed??
  5. A J Foad

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    Jordan, you say that the Welsh association is set on killing Welsh banding. Surely the association is there to provide support to the bands and run contests. I'm sure it would all be very nice if contests all carried four or five figure prizes, but I suppose it's not financially viable. From what I can gather Welsh banding is experiencing one of the most successful periods for some years. Is this all thanks to the dedication and hard work of the BB associations in Wales, or has it all been acheived in spite of the best efforts of the 'men in suits'.......?
  6. JessopSmythe

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    Re: The Welsh Association

    The "Champion Band of Wales" was never a particularly meaningful title in the first place. Since the qualifying contests were all in the south, it pretty much excluded bands from north wales. If we, as welsh banders, want to maintain a seperate championship then it must include the whole country. There are only really two ways of doing this, either base the championship on the area results or run a series of contests at venues throughout wales.
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    Re: The Welsh Association

  8. JessopSmythe

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    Thought you'd appreciate that, Dyl.

    BTW, that was your 666th post :twisted:
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    Oh! Should have left it for tomorrow shouldn't I? :?

    PS. Apologies fellow mods, for going off-topic! I won't do it again!
  10. Jordan

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    Fair comments from you all, just wish that the welsh association would tell us what's going on, as they did'nt do regarding the champion band of wales.
  11. Tuba Girl

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    Some bands think the champion band of Wales competition is still running,simply because they have not had a notification! :idea:
  12. Thegroupies

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    BOY IM LOST :? :?

  13. twm_trombone

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    Good luck to all the bands competing on saturday. I'll be there playing in my first contest with my new band (Thomas Coaches Mid Rhondda) and enjoying a few refreshment after the competition hopeing to see Wales beat Russia.

    A student can dream.......can't he.......!
  14. jim

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    Would somewone kindley post the results on here when they get in from the contest on saterday thx
  15. Well I know that my band came 5th! (out of 5) and I forked my solo up. :D
  16. TheMusicMan

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    You mean you were there and you didn't say Hi!!!! :( :cry: awww, disappointed...
  17. hornette

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    Ahhh Christine! Made a bit of a bum of mine too.... you silly cow you....

    Love Ally (Ammanford)