treorchy 2006

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  1. Hi i just wanted to know what bands are going 2 treorchy this year?

    We (Abergavenny) are going hoping to be crowned champions of wales 2006!!
  2. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Good luck with that desire Krishan. Please send my best regards to June on sop yeah :)
  3. I will do thank u
  4. no2taz

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    newbridge will be attending asusual. Piece going ok not my fav tho. look forward to seeing the days events unfold
  5. Gd luck to every1 attending!!
  6. matthetimp

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    4th section:

    Blaenavon Concert
    Ebbw Vale
    Cwmtawe Youth
    Upper Rhondda

    2nd Section:

    Blaenavon Town
    Britton Ferry

    1st section:

    Lewis Merthyr


    Mid Rhondda
    Parc & Dare

    Can anyone add to this in 3rd section and 2nd section? and if i missed anything else out.
  7. matthetimp

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    Well I have heard that Chivilrey is now the Abergavenny National Anthem (lol). How many times have you played the piece in the last 2 years?
  8. lol in the last 2 years we have performed it 2 many times i think at least 4. Im a huge fan of the piece, just need a few weeks of prepearation and im sure we will repeat our performance for Weston Super Mare 2005 (Which was a win!!)
  9. matthetimp

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    Seen the xylo part for it and it is a nasty burger. mmm burgers...........................
  10. 3rd Section bands going that I know of:

    Cross Keys
    Not sure of any others.

    Looking forward to it tho, Dimensions coming along nicely now and hopefully a similar result to that in Ammanford will happen!
  11. no2taz

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    nice one mat good recovery

    looking forward to treorchy this year I love playing at the P&D it will be a close one for the section crown this year i think there is only a 2 point diff between us and markham.

    also looking forward to the customary pie and chips prior to stage.
  12. tam-tam2

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    Don't forget Pontardulias and RAF St Athan in the First Section!! Sure there's a few more in the Second Section but my memory fails me at the moment...will have a think!!

    Unfortunately for the first time in about 14 years I won't be at Treorchy....I will be skulking in Devon playing a concert for my new band in Budleigh Salterton, a world away fom Treorchy!! Anyway all the best to my old band Rogerstone and also to Newbridge.....make sure you leave the Welsh First Section in fine style by coming 2nd to Rogy!!!;);):rolleyes::rolleyes::biggrin:

    Good luck to all competing bands too, I am sure it will be a freezing day and don't forget to count the Chrismas lights on your way back down the valley!!
  13. Deano

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    I've updated your list with as many as I can remember, I think there is another band in 3rd, 2nd & 1st but I can't remember who, there are also 5 Juniors bands.

    Mid Rhondda
    Upper Rhondda
  14. TheMusicMan

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    Good luck to all bands competing in Treorchy this year. I have played there many times as some may know.

    Good luck especially to Mike Davies and all the players at Newport Band.
  15. Hornblower RN

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    Ogmore Valley will be there in the 2nd section
  16. Deano

    Deano Member

    I knew there was another band in 2nd section but couldn't think who.

    Cheers Alan, hope the piece is going well.
  17. Colin Hogg

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    I know that the draw for Champ is 5pm, can any one give any more timings for the other sections. Our Test is Chivalry, what are the other sections playing?
  18. Deano

    Deano Member

    Championship - Chivalry
    1st - 5 Blooms in a Welsh Garden
    2nd - Confluence
    3rd - Dimensions
    4th - 3 Impressions for Brass

    Contest starts at 10am
    4th section draw 9.15
    3rd section draw 10.15
    2nd section draw 13.00
    1st section draw I think it's 15.00

    There's also 5 junior bands with their section between the 3rd & 2nd sections


    Steve Skyes Champ, 2nd, 3rd
    David Loukes 1st, juniors, 4th
  19. matthetimp

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    Have they changed the 4th section piece then Dean? BC Band was playing 4 Impressions for Brass last nite. I'd better ring P. O'L and tell him.............................
  20. 007ish

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    Cheers John ;)
    Very close to our recent Pontins adventure for us but everyone is working hard :clap: