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    Once again S4C showed it's support for music television programming with another part of the "Trefor Only " series.
    It shows the daily life of the village of Trefor , the Band , School and the characters in the village on the Llyn penisula in North Wales.
    some great stories from Geraint Jones ( the bands long serving conductor ) , players and friends like Carwyn ( sop )and Paul Eccles ( drums ) , And Robin( Bb Bass ) and one of the historical society.
    I was lucky to play for the band for a few years , and they are a great bunch of people.
    this year on S4C Digital there will be Live coverage from the National Eisteddfodd of the Band and ensemble competitons at the Vaynol Estate just outside bangor , more of the Trefor Only series , the series on Deiniolen village , Noson Lawen reruns ( with a young Gav Saynor playing teddy bear's picnic in a bear suit - you have to see it to believe it ) .
    All these programs are available with subtitles.
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    Subtitles that's great news after watching the Eisteddfodd last year, and not understanding a word of Welsh. If only some English station would show the same level of support for Banding.
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    Are you sure that the Eisteddfod live coverage will be sub-titled Nick? Either way, no need for subtitles to listen to the music eh? ;)

    Missed last night's episode of 'Trefor Only' - but have 'auto-viewed' the repeat! Geraint on top form as usual then? I'm half way through reading his book about the trials and tribulations of bands in the quarry villages at the turn of the century - a lot of interesting stories to say the least!