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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by RedOctober, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. RedOctober

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    Just read the shocking news on 4br that Tredegar's band room was recently turned into a lavatory by an unwelcome visitor. Apparently percussion equipment was vandalised and a players chair was urinated on!

    Who would do such a thing? And whose chair was urinated on and why (other than the visitor needing to go). Really shocking news, sounds very messy!
  2. Ianroberts

    Ianroberts Well-Known Member

    Oh this is gonna be a long thread ! Not very nice at all though
  3. kiwiinoz

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    Hope it wasnt an overweight contest steward who thought you played there RedOctober!!!!!!! Sorry, couldnt resist:wink:
  4. Maybe it was a local resident who was displeased with my style of playing last monday night in Rehearsal? Need to practice! :(
  5. RedOctober

    RedOctober New Member

    I don't think so Ceri. Though no doubt you do need to practice more' ;)

    So, it turns out that the bandroom wasn't actually broken into. Apparently whoever vandalised the percussion and answered the call of nature, let themselves in. This leads me to believe that it's a former member with a grudge for whatever reason. But what former member(s) would have keys? I'm assuming the band manager will have a key and he/ she probably has a spare. Possibly Iwan Fox has a key as he's still got some role on the committee I think? Who else would need a key though? Perhaps someone from the band could clear up the story for us?
  6. Il make sure i do! Got a lot of work to do on King Arthur!
  7. Horn_goblin

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    The band have handed matters over to the police who are investigating the matter further. I'm sure you can appreciate that whilst this is ongoing none of the band members will offer comments on here or any social media. It has always been Tredegar Town Band's policy that we do not comment on important band matters on social media save for positive comments about other bands as well our own ventures.

    We thank you for your concern and I'm sure the police will thoroughly investigate the matter.
  8. hobgoblin

    hobgoblin Member

    Mmmmm. Probably a disgruntled ex player, recently departed after being treated less than brilliantly by the band and still has a key. I know nothing of recent player coming and goings at tred, but I'm sure there can't be that many that fit the bill. Maybe time for Cory to change their locks and get some plastic covers for the Euph seats!
  9. RedOctober

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    Well, fairly recently Dan Thomas was sacked for Matthew White. I think Tredegar handled that situation quite badly at the time and so I could see him not being too happy with them. I'd be surprised if it was Dan though as he always seems like such a nice chap. And I'd have thought he'd know all about how to behave professional from his father Chris Thomas, Cory's brilliant solo trombone player. But in anycase, why would Dan have a key? Could someone from Tredegar shed any light on who has access to the bandroom via their own key? There can't be that many surely! And who's seat was urinated on, from hobgoblins post I get the impression it was a euphonium seat
  10. fartycat

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    If that's the case what on earth is Iwan (the band's president) doing writing a piece like that. Talk about washing your dirty linen (or should it be seats?) in public :)