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  1. vonny

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    I'm off on my travels again soon. I was initially looking at the possibility of booking a short break to France. Two days ago a friend asked me if I was interested in a city break because they couldn't go due to personal circumstance. I didn't ask were it was to but rather the duration, which he said was 6 days. He then went on to say that it was a package - flights, accommodation and transfers were included. At that point I said 'yes' I'm interested and when the price was named I thought it was too good to miss out on.

    On the 11th November myself and Keely are going to Los Angeles for 6 days :biggrin:
    Has anyone on here been to LA, or could I have some advice on stress reduction as I believe we are stopping at the worlds busiest airport - Chicago??
  2. Hornblower RN

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    Never been to LA but I flew into Chicago a few times back in 2000/1 enroute to Oklahoma. Great airport but the immigration staff are probably the most ill mannered airport personnel I have ever encountered. Certainly not the norm for Americans. Just don't wander over the "line" before being called :eek:
  3. sugarandspice

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    Ooooh that sounds like a great holiday!and just a little bit different from france! yay for you! that site has the top ten things to do, tho i think shopping should be your main proirity! Ever since watching pretty women i've really wanted to yell "big mistake" at a bitchy shop assistant! As for stress reduction- surely the fact that you are about to have a great holiday should be enough!! :)

    Have a great time!
  4. TheMusicMan

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    Been to LA a few times. Try to take in Long Beach, the Hollywood hills (which are very beautiful indeed) and the sign, Sunset Boulevard, Disneyworld etc - all in LA itself. Remember though that it is always way cooler on the coast.

    If you have the chance to travel outside of LA, then I really do suggest you hire a car/SUV and simply get going. Take in Palm Springs - 2 hours inland past Riverside (still very hot even at this time of year), San Diego - 2 hours South on the coastal road (for Sea World and San Diego Zoo - the worlds biggest and best zoo), 4-5 hours to Death Valley, 5 hours to Las Vegas, try driving North up the coast road - absolutely gorgeous.

    There's so much to see and do in and around LA it's quite daunting to be honest. Enjoy:)

    Oh... and take a camera!
  5. vonny

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    Thank you for your replies, it seems there is so much to do out there!I booked seats on the pacific surfliner yesterday to go to Santa Barbara which is about 100 miles north of Los Angeles. I couldn't believe how cheap it was as it cost $110 (£58.45) for a return trip for myself and Keely, reserved seats going and buisness class seats back to LA. We are staying overnight in Santa Barbara and so booked a hotel room which is situated near to the beach and cost $85.50 (£48.05). The weather is a bonus to because it will be warm in the middle of November, but goes quite cool at night, so I guess it will be a mix of summer and autumn clothes for packing.Of course shopping is on the agenda, so I'm really looking forward.Kelly the website you suggested was very informative - thank you!
  6. sugarandspice

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    No probs, just make sure you have a great time! Wish i was off to America, but i guess i'll have to settle for my week in Yorkshire now, it better not rain to omuch or i will actually cry! :) Enjoy it hun x
  7. vonny

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    Hey Kelly I'm sure you'll have a great time in Yorkshire - even if it's raining ;)
  8. America

    well hate to say it but i spent a month in america over the summer!!!!!! i flew into chicago personally dont think its that bad very easy to get out of i must say. LA i flew back from the day after all that problem in london and that is one very busy airport much worse that chicago i think neways. i got there n wud advise to get a at least hr extra on top of ya 3 hrs or what ever they advise cuz once the cues start they dont stop!!!!
    Well what else can i say i stayed in LA for 2 weeks, hollywood is a must if nothin else to say u been n might get to see some famous people (not namin droppin but i did leo one sunny afternoon) urm i wud recommend the universal studios n the water world show is brilliant,
    neways i loved my 2 weeks in LA too much really to put on down

    ps the views are great near santa barbara!!!!! defo take the camera
  9. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member

    Hi Vonny,
    you'll be able to ask Hannah all about it next Friday. She came back today after a month over there!
    See ya!
  10. Sellers_Bird

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    Unfortunately the same in Florida! Me and LMM had an excursion to DisneyWorld last year and I was appalled at the attitude of immigration staff at Orlando Sanford airport.. more like the spanish inquisition, and don't even mention walking over the line without bein called!! If I hadnt had such a good time in America I would seriously consider goin over there again.:mad:
  11. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    I must admint that for a while after 9/11 the security procedures in the US were tightened so much as to cause offense to many people who visited there. I heard this story many times over the last few years from friends and colleagues who travelled there.

    However, having arrived in NY yesterday evening I must say that I was greeted cordially, very politely, and by very friendly customs and immigration staff at JFK. I was made to feel very welcome indeed: and after being a tad concerned about the new security measures and of what I had heard from friends who had visited the US in recent months - this was a pleasant suprise. There are new procudures in place now where you have to scan your left and right index fingers, then have a pic taken... but that's it. A few totally reasonable questions about my visit, where I was staying, for how long and why et al... and that was it.
  12. vonny

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    That's cool Ian - I will!
  13. vonny

    vonny Member

    I had a similar situation in at Boston Logan airport last year, it was kind of understandable though as the hijacked planes used in the 9/11 flew from there.
    As I arrived at customs I was randomly selected to be body searched... It was wierd because it was a 'female who was conducting it. I was embarrassed as she was like.... :oops: I wouldn't mind but there was a nice looking guy next to her why couldn't he have done it ;)
    When me and Keely had to have our pic take and fingerprint done, the guy kept saying to Keely 'your index finger' but he meant your first finger, I was laughing so much but I could see he wasn't amused.
    I think we'll be fine gong through customs this time as I will be prepared!
  14. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Aren't they the same thing??? :confused:
  15. vonny

    vonny Member

    Well it seems to this particular guy that wasn't the case!
    My theory was that he liked the look of us - it was a way of keeping us there for longer ;)
  16. vonny

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    In less than 48 hours myself and Keely will be going to the US. I was talking to a friend who lives near Bakerfield (CA) and they tell me Southern CA are experiencing very hot weather at the moment and yesterday it was 97 degrees in downtown LA. It is forecast for the temps to drop within the next few day to around 75+ but the air is still humid apparently.
    I'll be travelling to Santa Barbara on Sunday were there will be welcoming sea breezes :)
    I've got the sunglasses and sun screen packed so i'm prepared.

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