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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by stotty74, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. stotty74

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    Not sure where to put this, but thought i should let you know...

    There are currently MAJOR roadworks on the main A494/A55 route through North Wales on both carriageways towards Prestatyn. Last Friday night was a nightmare trying to get to Northop for rehearsal. It took 1 1/2 hours for a journey that normally takes half an hour. I was able to find another way round, otherwise it would have taken longer. Might not be too bad if you're travelling on the Friday to stay over (be prepared to queue!!), but if you go Saturday or Sunday make sure you have plenty of time to get there. The other routes seemed pretty busy aswell.

    Can't say what its going to be like, but just thought i should inform everyone just in case!!
  2. LeDragon

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    The best route to take is the old coast road - get on this at the main crossroads in Flint and it will take you past Bagillt, Greenfield and Mostyn, eventually taking you to Prestatyn. Flint is signposted off the A55 and as far as I am aware, the junction is unaffected by the roadworks.
  3. Daniel Sheard

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    If only ! last Friday there was a five mile queue at the end of the dual carriageway before Fffflint. As Karl said, it could cause serious problems.

    Northop band
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    noooooooooooooo not this again *once remembers a 7 hour journey from Nottingham to Prestatyn* :(:(:(:(
  5. Raspberry

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    *groans* remembering the terrible journey and we were busting for the loo!!!

    My advice would be to travel early after morning rush hour and get there early afternoon or AVOID evening peak time, travel after tea and get there later. Thats how we got snarled up in the past - travelling during Friday night peak time!

    I'm not going to Pontins this year so won't be living this journey which can be done in 2 hours from Notts but have experienced worse!
  6. stotty74

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    I tried the Flint road last night, and again i got caught up. Our conductor for last friday was STILL stuck on the M56 at 9:30, despite leaving Manchester for Northop for an 8pm start.

    Hopefully the traffic was only that bad 'cos it was the first weekend of them - it might calm down as people use other routes.
  7. LeDragon

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    Well Karl didnt mention Flint in his original post so I didn't know how far the traffic was affected by the roadworks! :rolleyes:
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  8. MartinT

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  9. LeDragon

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    ^ By the looks of that, I would say that it must be the roadworks at Conwy that were causing the problem? Although that is a fair way from Prestatyn! None of the others seem relevant.
  10. Daniel Sheard

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    No, guys, you're in the wrong place. Of those, I think it is this pair:

    A55 Flintshire CC J34 Ewloe Interchange Westbound 04/10/2004
    A55 Flintshire CC B5126 Bridge Eastbound 04/10/2004

    well before Conwy - the lane closures run between the Northop turn and the A494/A55 Mold junction at the top of the hill above Queensferry. But on a Friday night, the Qs go back for miles and all of the other roads are seriously bunged.

  11. MartinT

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    If you're able to give an update on this regarding conditions this Friday evening, westbound from the A483 junction if possible, a lot of people would really appreciate it. I too had a hellish journey there a few years back, and don't want to repeat the experience!!

    Any info on the roadworks on the A5 between Llangollen and Corwen (this being an alternative route) would also be useful, though I have the impression they're less of a problem.

  12. tubafran

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    Looking on Multimap with roadblocks highlighted the route I have from the N,NW,NE is to take the A5117 off the M56 then straight on to the A548 coast road. Does this miss the problem areas that have previously been highlighted on the A55 and the route off the A55 to Flint?
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  13. Daniel Sheard

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    Yes it does, but the problem is that road will be blocked as well - that's the way I went last Friday and Karl went on Tuesday. It is dual carriageway until Oakenholt and then comes down to a single lane. The queueueues back from Flint onto the dual carriage way were several miles long last Friday - onto and over the new bridge on the Qferry bypass.

    Bottom line is, unless you know the area and can do some of the cross country routes, you are going to have a long journey unless you arrive really late.

    People coming from the south may be able to come off the A55 south of Chester route at Broughton and go through Buckley, but I don't know what it will be like.

  14. sparkling_quavers

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    What is it normally like at 10.30ish?
  15. LeDragon

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    I did the route at about that time last night on my way back from band and it was ok, I just had to slow up a bit but there wern't any queues as it was fairly quiet by this time.
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  16. MartinT

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    Worth having a look at the traffic camera image at As far as I can see, this is the junction just after the point where the A55 turns off left, while keeping straight on would take you to Queensferry (these directions given in terms an ignorant Sais like me can understand).
    Looking at the image at the time of posting (8:35 on Friday evening) it looks like a good place to avoid!
  17. skweeky

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    can anyone suggest the best way to get into prestatyn and to pontins then? considering the traffic conditions..?
  18. MartinT

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    I'm afraid I have no advice for people coming from points North or East. For those in the Midlands and South, the best I can suggest is either to time your journey so as to avoid the snarl-ups, or to head for Oswestry, then up the A5 to Betws-y-Coed, then right onto the A470 to Conwy (I seem to recall this goes over some high ground), then back along the A55, turning off at Abergele for Rhyl and Prestatyn. This is a good bit longer than the standard journey, but there seems little risk of very long hold-ups. It's prettier, too!

    A possible shorter route would leave the A5 just after Corwen, then A494 to Ruthin, then A525 through Denbigh, cross the A55 at St Asaph, on to Rhyl, turn right for Prestatyn. Please note I have never driven this route, so have no idea about any problems that may arise, particularly if the weather takes a turn for the worse, as we are being told it might.

    If anyone from North Wales has better advice, I'd be happy to defer to it.
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  19. What time does the traffic normally start getting heavy (or heavier) down there in the afternoon??? Is it going to be better to take a train?
    I take it it's just getting there, and not coming back as well?
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  20. stotty74

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    I'm afraid i can't offer any advice on alternatives as im not a local. But i do travel from the Wirral, so i do know the M56/A494/A55 route can get very congested at times. As i said in my original post, the traffic may only have been so heavy as the work had only just begun. Last Friday was a bit quieter. It does tend to start getting busy during the normal rush hour times, and because of the works going on it makes it a bit heavier.
    Hopefully i'm totally wrong, and it'll be a clear run through for everyone.