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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Joeb Høfdinghoff Grønborg, May 29, 2005.

  1. Hello everybody

    On the 27th of June until the 31th I'm travelling to England, more specific London. I have tried to locate some concerts, brass shops etc., but I cannot find any, so please post anthing "brassy".

    Thank you :biggrin:
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    Hi Joeb and welcome to tMP! 25-27 is midweek and as most events are at the weekend you might find it more difficult to find a specific event to see. If you are arriving on the sunday (24th) you may be able to catch either of the following:

    Staines Brass at Lammas Park Bandstand at 3:00pm


    Becontree Brass Band presents“Keep Smiling Through!” music from the war years - the Kenneth More Theatre Oakfield Road, ilford 7pm
    you can get more information about these events by using the tMP calendar (link at the top of the screen)

    Finally there are a good number of london banders on this site and they have been very helpful in similar situations in the past- even inviting people along to rehearsals. I am sure one of those will pick this thread up pretty soon.

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    you might like to clarify the dates - do you mean 31st July?
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    doh I cannot read either! what are the dates?
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    On Tuesday 28th June, at Regent Hall in Oxford Street, there is to be a joint concert given by the National Brass Band of New Zealand and the Regent Hall Band of the Salvation Army. It starts at 7pm and the tickets (unreserved) are £5 each.
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