Travel expenses, car sharing - what do you do?

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  1. tubafran

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    In the light of the high cost of petrol and increased awarness of carbon emissions does your band have any set rules on paying travelling expenses or do you encourage players to car share?

    We have generally not paid expenses for members to travel to jobs as they tend to be quite local, however we are taking on the odd booking further a field (say 25 to 30 miles there). A member of our committee at Killamarsh recently raised this and asked what we thought.

    We have initially proposed co-ordinating a car sharing scheme once we find out who lives where then get them to go together.
  2. BeatTheSheep

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    car sharing is a lot cheaper, but adds journey time and lots of aggro to the driver. Rotate the drivers! We used to travel to marple in this way, rotating 3 different cars and different pickup points. Must have been mad!
  3. andyp

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    You're not kidding!

    Starts to make sense though when you're doing 2 weeks solid rehearsal before a major contest, every night plus long weekends, and it's an hours drive on the M61/60 during rush hour to get there. Doing that drive too many times doesn't leave you in the best concentating frame of mind for a hard two hours on Contest Music or something!

    Given the price of petrol these days I think you have to look at car-sharing just to save the strain on members' pockets.

    Plus the non-drivers can have a beer (or more) after rehearsal with a clear conscience! Now that alone is reason enough to car-share, surely? :biggrin:
  4. PeterBale

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    Just so long as it doesn't become a bone of contention, with the driver, unable to drink, wanting to get away home before the others have finished socialising :mad:
  5. Steve

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    Get picked up from the house and buy the haribo when you stop at petrol stations. Works a treat.

    I am interrested how many people travel to band by public transport though (especially in major cities) in an effort to cut emmissions, car wear and petrol.
  6. PeterBale

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    Not having a car, I'm usually reliant on public transport - during the week it is just a slight adjustment to my usual commute. although I sometimes get a lift home afterwards. For some local engagements it's quicker and easier for me to make my own way that to get to the hall to pick up a lift or the coach as the case may be.
  7. starperformer

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    all of the most car-centric people i know are banders - many bands must have 20+ cars going to each rehearsal, and people drive crazy distances to play in a band that isn't even slightly your local one, which seems to be widely accepted. not to mention that many seem to think that how far you travel to band is some sort of badge of honour in the commitment stakes.
  8. persins

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    Bearing in mind that I travel roughly 60 miles to rehearsal into the New Forest, I just couldn't manage on Public transport.

    I tend to car share with people who live along the way (ish). It breaks up the journey and is a much more pleasant trip when there is someone to talk to for at least part of the way. I tend to drive to their place and then we take it in turns to actually drive the rest of the way to band.
    It does also help financially that I don't have to drive the whole distance everytime even if it does take a bit longer.
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  9. BoozyBTrom

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    Due to me working in Glasgow most weeks i have a 7 hour round trip to band. I dont recieve travelling expenses and i dont car share.

    i the run up to a contest it can be a lonely journey every night for a week. :(:(:(:(
  10. Griffis

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    May I just point out in the nicest way possible, that for some people, you just have to travel crazy distances in order to play at the top level!
    I actually travel 270 miles (135 each way) to each band rehearsal from Bangor in North Wales all the way up to Huddersfield just to play in a Brass Band at the highest level possible. All due respect to the bands in North Wales, (there are some very fine bands there, but none quite up to YBS standard...yet ;)) you would have to travel at least up to Fodens before reaching top level playing.

    I was fortunate enough to join YBS over two years ago, and have been travelling up twice a week without fail (apart from illness which is very rare) and obviously it is a huge commitment, but I would be first to say that distance alone is not a way of showing commitment...Full blooded commitment is when the person puts in 100% effort to get to band practice, and once he/she is there then they give another 100% commitment and effort.

    Anyway...going back ontrack, I am lucky to get a small help towards petrol money, otherwise it would be just too expensive for me to travel up (being a cash-deprived student of some sort).

  11. Charmed

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    Yes, sometimes me and my husband share a car to travel to band. :biggrin:

    Does that count?
  12. TheMusicMan

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    Not quite 100% on topic - but it is somewhat related - so hopefully I won't be 'modded' on this post. ;)

    I am currently working for a client in Didcot, and as some here know, I live in Newport. It is cheaper by far for me to travel to Didcot by train than by car. OK, it adds a few mins (10) to the overall journey time due to waiting for connections etc, but it's way more convenient. I couldn't believe it when I did the comparative research and found out the difference in cost to drive V's cost of catching the train.

    Train is 30% cheaper for this journey and is therefore a no-brainer for me.
  13. Key2207

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    I get the bus from my near my house to Blackley then I get picked up to go to band (about 5 minutes away from the bus stop, but Victoria avenue is loooooooong lol) then I get a lift home :)
  14. andyp

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    True, but the fairest way round that is "driver doesn't buy".

    It always struck me as slightly odd that you had (and probably still have) people commuting from our side of the Pennines to Yorkshire bands (YBS/Dyke etc) and people who live in Yorkshire commuting to Leyland/Faireys/Fodens, presumably waving to each other on the M62 as they passed. I wondered whether they should do some swaps to save petrol!

    Just glad my band is less than 20 minutes away! (and my local band is 400 yards!)
  15. tinytimp

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    As many of our players travel from Cardiff to get to rehearsals (c.60 miles), we share cars every time - normally we take 3 cars and the drivers take it in turns, although there's a limited amount of those so they don't get much of a break!

    With regards to contests etc. we really are in a league of our own! The Cardiff contingent normally get a minibus to the venue, meaning there's no need for a big coach so the local players have all driven themselves on some occasions. And when we do get a coach, e.g. for Blackpool we have to go practically door to door to pick everybody up which adds ages onto the journey. But fair play, the band contributes a lot towards the cost of the travel so we can't really complain :clap:
  16. Blower

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    This is an odd one, in my opinion if you want to play for a band it's up to you to be there at your cost! And, if you are part of that band and doing gigs why should that cash go towards players being there. If you have players that can't afford to get to gigs then pick them up! The less that band members take out of the band the more cash there is for music and instruments! All free to players!
  17. Shaggy

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    Exellent subject for debate Francis! Just wondering how much Cullerswamp owe me now, based on me travelling by myself from Derby to Sheffield in a 5 litre V8?
  18. tubafran

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    Sorry that matter was dealt with in the pub after the performance - my wallet was open and how can you complain when I even sent you a email virus for gratis.
  19. Nuke

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    I used to get lifts to band from Liverpool to St Helens about a half hour drive on a bad day.

    I didnt mind helping pay towards the cost of petrol at all. As im unable to drive (as yet) I think its the least i could have done because if you think about it id have been paying for petrol to drive there in my own car if id have had one.
  20. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    If only all were as considerate as you, Nuke. I live in the out reaches of the universe compared to most members of Fulham Band, so rarely share a car with anyone. At the Cricket Club, I've (this year) imposed a "you ride in my car you pay a pound levy". This means that over the season, with 15ish away games, the other players will contribute one tankful of petrol. I think that's fair.