"Training Bands" or "B" bands

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    For those of you that have "Training Bands" or "B" bands (I realise the two are different).

    What has worked well for you in bringing up young players?
    What has worked well for putting "seasoned" players "out to pasture"
    What has kept good morale between both groups without the lower band feeling far inferior?

    How do those dynamics work?

    Having never been involved with that sort of situation (but potentially being involved in the near future), I wanted to get as many different opinions as possible.
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    Hello Dublin,i have posted on this a few times over the years but heres a new post with some history. Here at Camborne we have quite a large organisation,this involves Camborne Town Band (Championship section),Camborne"B" Band(1st section),Camborne Youth Band(6xNational Champions),Camborne JCBs(Junior contest band) and a begginners/adult training band pheww what a list. Our Championship band has been in the top flight for apprx 60 years continous,the Youth band has existed on/off for 60+ years. In 1998 the youth band was at a low ebb and our present conductor came in an rekindled things,starting with apprx 6 playersthe band restarted and within a few years we had between 80 and 100 members,this led to many differing standards of players. The "B" Band was formed,we entered our first area finals in 2001,(we came 7th out of 23) the band then went from strenghth to strength having won numerous contests,competed in 3 national finals(4th in 3rd and 3rd in2nd section finals) we now sit quite high in the 1st section(just won at the Bugle contest).The Youth band has won 6 x National Finals at Manchester(winning the Premier section in 2009). This all leads onto how the groups work,the Bband feeds players as req to the main band and this system operates through the whole organisation with fantastic success.We have been very lucky to have had some very natrually gifted youngsters(one has just signed to Cory).The natrual progression seems to work well,with only a very minimal amount of adults playing in the "B" band its nearly all youngsters(6/8 adults) i think this proves how the system works (i myself 10 years ago started with the youngsters) and even though they go away to college/uni etc when they are back home they always come back to the band to play
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    Sounds like Camborne have a great program with a solid foundation.

    How do youth move up through the program? Only when there are openings in the higher bands...or do they ever displace other members?
    This may not be so much of an issue in a cornet section where there are ten players, but what about some of the smaller sections (e.g. horns, baritones, trombones, euphoniums or tubas)

    (BTW...I'll look for your old threads now)
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    Hello Dublin,our youth players tend to fill vacant spaces as players get older/move away or where contest requirements may suit, having recently lost two bass players(one to another local band and one giving up due to work) we moved a euph player to Bb (hes 19) and progressed a youth band player(hes13) to the "B" band,with myself and another adult this bass section picked up best basses at Bugle(beating 6 championship bands!!!) to be fair its not always easy though!!
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    Training your own players as to be a advantage and see the results in a few years time.
    One of my old bands started a junior /youth band in 2003 and a few players have made it into there senior band which proves its a good thing to do.
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    yeah we have a senior band, a training band of all ages and a beginners group too, total members are about 80! and we all get on well, help each other out and support each other too :clap:
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    I joined the training band at Long Eaton 2 months ago and am loving it! The whole band is a complete mixture of ages from kids through to 70+! Some of whom have come back to brass after a long break and others who have just discovered it!
    Everyone is very friendly and welcoming and the training band is well supported by members of the senior band, everyone is encouraged, no matter what their ability level and practices are taken with just the right amount of joviality (and a drink in the bar afterwards for the alleged adults!) I think it works really well and this is because the Musical Director perpetuates the atmosphere and gets everyone involved.
    In my opinion there is no feeling of inferiority towards the senior band, just one of respect and at times, awe. They are immensely talented and yet very down to earth, and are something I shall aspire to!!