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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by tubafran, Sep 7, 2005.

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    We are just about to get our Training Band started and the conductor has asked me to get them some music which I'm told is called The Crotchet Factory - comes with all treble clef parts but no bass trombone.

    My problem is what is it and where do I get it - have searched on Google and that comes up with Mostyn Music and Just Select but I can't find the details. Is this a selection of suitable music for training bands or the publisher or just individual arrangements for a training band? Would I then need to get a selection of separate pieces for them?

    Anyone used this music that can point me in the correct direction? Thanks in advance.
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    we use this music with our youth band, and they seem to enjoy playing it. they do some really good arrangements that will challenge the band.

    they have a collection of different pieces. unfortunately i left my pad at band on friday so can't name all of the pieces we have, but i'll post something this friday when i get home. i think there is an adress on the score which should be helpfull for you.

    i think the crotchet factory is the name of the publisher, and the arranger is Gary young.
    I would'nt say the music is for beginners, more for those that can play a little bit.

    ill try and give you some more info on friday night.
    good luck with the training band.
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    Gary Young's Crotchet Factory is based up in the North East, around the Gateshead/South Shields area, I seem to remember.
    If you have trouble getting hold of him direct, I know Bank's in York used to stock most of the range. (They certainly did when I worked there last year, they may still do so!! :D)

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    I found this by Gary Young / Crotchet factory
    A four part beginner brass band book
    Gary Young​
    (Score £18, Parts £2)

    Gary Young​
    (Score £18, Parts £2)

    £ 84.00 ​

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    Gary Young writes all of the crotchet factory stuff. He first taught me how to play, he was an excellent teacher. I have played some of his stuff and it's ideal for training bands and school bands, it's hard to beat.
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    Hey you are welcome! just wish I had a set for my training band! My wish list grows ever longer!
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    Banks Music in York actually holds some of the 'Crotchet Factory' music in stock - so you can go and have a look before you buy!

    The arrangements vary somewhat - some are really simple, some quite difficult and advanced but all worth a look. (Young 'N Swingin' is popular at our training band!)