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    Hi guys,
    Our band is wanting to do a few-day-long tour/trip in May. Only trouble is, we can't decide where we should go. Last year we went to the Isle Of Arran and did a couple of joint concerts with the Arran Band and are hoping to be able to do a similar thing this time around. Can anyone suggest any good destinations (we are from York but the distance isn't really a huge factor as long as it is in the British Isles) or know of any bands that would be up for us coming and staying nearby and doing the odd joint concert etc? I think there will be a mixture of players from our concert band (4th section) and senior band (1st section) so not too fussed about the standard of band either! We really are stuck so any suggestions will be much appreciated! Cheers!
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    I know you said that you are looking for something in the UK, but for something further afield, you might like to think about approaching your local town twinning assosiation.

    Knaresborough are twinned with Bebra - a town of a similar size in Germany - and there has been a long tradition of links between Knaresborough Silver Band and the town wind band in Bebra.

    The two bands have been doing exchange visits for around, I think, 20 years. This summer we went to Bebra for a week - my first visit. Band members stay with band members which cuts the cost down and gives you a unique insight into local life and hospitality. They arranged a series of concerts for both bands as well as other sightseeing trips and outings. In two years time they will visit Knaresborough and stay with our band members and their families.

    I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the Germans were extremely hospitable and I would recommend this as a way to do a band tour.

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  3. millie6589

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    Thanks Julia, it does sound like a very good idea, and we were discussing this option last week but decided it's not really viable for our band as we have a few young children and quite a few people like myself who live on their own or in Uni accomodation so wouldn't be able to put a band up if they came over here. And it's much less hassle going somewhere in the UK, if you knew our lot, you would understand!! We've been looking Wales and South-West, anyone know of any leads I could follow up there?
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    You could try the Isle of Man. They used to hold a very successful brass festival there (apologies if this is still going strong). Also the channel islands are a good bet but could be expensive.
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    How young/old a band are you? No point in matching a young band with a band full of old fogeys! Let me know cos I could help make a suitable match with a band if u fancy more of Scotland??? we're a very friendly bunch!:D
  6. millie6589

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    That'd be great, I think Scotland would be a serious contender! There's a right mixture of ages really, and we're also a very friendly bunch, so the age thing isn't really a problem!
  7. DMBabe

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    Well there's my lot, or my local band (3rd section) also has an amazing training band too so there's them. I'll do some investigating and get back to u! the other thing is hotels are reasonably cheap in may cos not hols or festival!
  8. Rodney

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    We'd make you welcome - that would be a bit of fund-raising wouldn't it

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