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  1. We're doing a boozy club gig next month where lots of cheesy music and singalong stuff is the order of the day. I recall a solo piece by Peter Skellern that used to get a bit of hammering in the 80's called Torremawakefield that I think might fit the bill nicely, but I can't find any reference to it on the net.

    Sure I didn't dream it up! Can anyone suggest if its available to buy??
  2. toby hobson

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    the only time i have come accross it was at Besses Boys band. I think, off the top of my head, it was written for them, you could ask there..... and contact info.html
  3. zak

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    Pretty sure it was not written for Besses as Wakefield(my former home town) is the other side of the hills!! I thought it was written for a Granada band of the year performance(possibly Imps), could be wrong though.

    I know it's definately in the Grimey library as we played it once in rehearsal then quickly put it away again ;)

  4. timbo100

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    According to my record "Arrivederci Grimethorpe" it's written by Peter Skellern arr. Jackman and is owned by Pendulum Music/Chappell.
  5. KMJ Recordings

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    Yep - Grimey was "Skellern's Band" in the early 80s....but Besses o' th' Barn did one or two jobs with him at that time.....AFAIK the Boys Band requested permission to use it which was granted.....we had a legal photocopy....

    Thanks for reminding me about it....I just about managed to bury it after about 23 years :hammer
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    Years ago when I was at Wantage Silver Band (15 years?), we did a concert with Peter Skellern playing piano, so I wouldn't be surprised if they have it knocking about in their library. MartinT was playing with them then, and is still part of the band - I'd suggest you PM to ask.
  7. MoominDave

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    It was 13 years ago, I think - 1994?

    I don't remember playing that one, though...

    Edit: Also, I think Wantage's library has been somewhat decimated in recent years, owing to their losing their bandhall.
  8. Moomin Dave! you are the bass trombone of Kidlington eh? Hence friends with my ex-pupil and protege Mr. George Henson! He's told me a lot about you - I sent him a sound file of YMCA the other day that he specifically requested as he says you'd love it!
  9. MoominDave

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    Eh, that's me.

    George is indeed a man with a rare eye for cheese... YMCA was a rare treat, thank you very much.
  10. lucretia

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    George's taste is impeccable! We will one day get Abba Goes Brass onto the concert programme...
  11. when he played with Burbage, he nagged me for rehearsal after rehearsal (literally for months on end) to play The Final Countdown. Quite frankly your welcome to him!;)
  12. MoominDave

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    I've never seen him happier than when Catherine finally gave in and we ran through 'Glasnost' for him.

    George is a true legend. His current crusade is to fill our pad with Derek Broadbent trombone trios...
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    Right, enough of this smearing!
    Admittedly we ran Glasnost at my request, and yes it was a butt clenchingly squirming 3 minutes of painfulness... rather like when you're in your late-twenties and you decide to watch a couple of episodes of Roobarb for old time's sake, some things are best left in the domain of the rose tinted spectacles. Catherine hasn't let me choose anything since and now regularly finds it quite convenient to use me as devil's cheese advocate!

    On the other hand, Final Countdown is legendary. Critch and the band secretly convened in our village and marched up the road to my parents' house and played it as a send off when I had to emigrate to Germany for the summer of 1998 - it brought tears to my eyes!

    Anyway. All this from two members of the band quite happy to play The Hustle and anything by the hand of Colin Bugby! Bunch of back stabbers!
  14. MartinT

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    May I intervene in this North Oxfordshire (with shades of West Berkshire) cheesefest?:cool:

    Alex, I remember the concert well, in fact I may even have a recording of it knocking about somewhere. Remember one specific part being quite badly out of tune? And the mike being positioned precisely above said player?? No names, no pack drill, as my Dad used to say...

    The Skellern music for the concert was provided by Peter Skellern's management, as I remember, and returned afterwards, so Wantage wouldn't have Torremawakefield even if it had been in the concert, which I'm fairly certain it wasn't. I'll try to dig out the recording sometime and get it to you via Dave.

    PS George - what is this "devil's cheese" that you advocate? Sainsbug's appalling "creamy Stilton", perhaps?

    Incidentally, Wantage's library hasn't suffered content-wise from the lack of a bandhall, it's more an accessibility problem, it being situated in a crumbling scout hut up a rutted track on the outskirts of a village which is on the outskirts of Wantage... you get the idea.:frown: We're confident now of proceeding - be it never so slowly - towards the eventual construction of a new bandhall, and I think we can promise a heck of a party when it finally happens!:clap:
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    Martin - some of the stuff Catherine produces for us to "run through to see how terrible it is" can only be described as Stinking Bishop that's run well past it's sell by date. I'm sure you know what I mean - usually printed on yellow paper - in particular the pop medleys of yesteryear with "no clutch" transitions inbetween the various ditties... Dave will suggest something typically along these lines in due course I expect... I'm terrible at remembering names and places!
  16. ! Costa Blanca !

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    Torrema Wakefield

    Check out this page it features Torrema Wakefield by Peter Skellern on the Live 2 BBC1 album.
  17. DMBabe

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    How could you diss AGB? It's the ultimate punter pleaser!
  18. Getajobstudent

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