Torquay 2011, SWBBA

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    Which bands are playing ?. Can`t find a thread anywhere, though I know I have seen the open section line up.
    Chalford (us)
    St Dennis
    ummmm can`t remember any more!.
    Does Paddy have the odds?.
    Not the music please it is open section :).

    I am really looking forward to playing against a very strong line up.
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    Aldbourne (1st)* (David Johnson)
    Chalford (1st)* (Steve Tubb)
    Helston Town (Ch) (John Hitchens)
    Lanner & District Silver (1st) (Stuart Chappell)
    Lympstone South West Telecoms (1st) (Charles Fleming)
    Milton Keynes Brass (Ch)* (Paul Fensom)
    Poole Borough (Ch)* (Daniel Floyd)
    St Dennis (Ch) (Darren R Hawken)

    2nd SECTION (8)
    Bodmin Town (Garry Lannie)
    Bugle Silver (Jeremy Willcock)
    City of Bristol* (Ceri Thomas)
    Heyl Town (David Loukes)
    Phoenix Brass (Crewkerne) (David Hatton)
    Soundhouse Brass (tba)
    St Pinnock (Chris Spreadbury)
    Weston Brass (Tony Osborne)

    3rd SECTION (6)
    Bream Silver* (Bryn James)
    Downton* (Roland Wright)
    Pillowell Silver* (Ian Whitburn)
    Sidmouth Town (Adrian Harvey)
    South Molton Town (Gil Taylor)
    Weston Brass (Tony Osborne)

    4th SECTION (7)

    Launceston Town (Dave Dobson)
    Midsomer Norton & Radstock Silver* (Joanne Sykes)
    Okehampton Excelsior Silver (Des Law)
    Tiverton Town (Gil Taylor)
    Torbay Brass (Tom J Finnigan)
    Totnes (Sid Davis)
    Wincanton Silver (Brian Kelloway)

    Launceston Town Youth (Ann Brown)
    Mount Charles Youth (Jeremy Willcock)
    St Keverne Youth (Gareth Churcher)

    Lostwithiel Junior (Jane Whitehead)
    Pendennis Youth/Training (Arthur Allen)
    Soundhouse Brass Training (Emma Heard)
    St Keverne Junior (Gareth Churcher)
    TT Brass Totnes (Alan Wilmott)

    TT Brass Totnes (Alan Wilmott)

    Cheers Euph77, good luck everyone playing :) And thankyou to the SWBBA for the information from the SWBBA website.
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    The M5 is closed for at least 24 hours.... If you are going this way, you need to go a different way, so all bands need to set off earlier, etc, good luck to you early kick offs. Really bad crash, in fog, at least 25 vehicals. 11 pm
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    Just got back to Bournemouth, what a fab day!

    I only managed to get a few results:

    4th Section (First Suite in Eb Holst)

    Turned out to be a real tricky test for most bands, especially soprano cornets! Launceston and Midsomer were close to each other and great that both bands did so well for very different reason - Launceston came onto the stage with a very young but confident band whilst this was only Midsomer's 2nd contest!

    1) Launceston Town Cond Dave Dobson
    2) Midsomer Norton & radstock cond Joanne Sykes
    3) Tiverton Town Cond Gil Taylor
    4) Wincanton Silver - Cond Dave Bertie

    Third Section Saint-Saens Variations Sparke

    Weston were drawn 1st and managed to get through the huge traffic problems to get on stage on time (only just though by all accounts).

    1) Weston Brass
    2) Sidmouth Town
    3) Bream Silver
    4) South Milton
    5) Downton
    6) Pillowell Silver
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    1st Aldbourne (1st)* (David Johnson)
    2nd Lanner & District Silver (1st) (Stuart Chappell)
    3rd Chalford (1st)* (Steve Tubb)
    Helston Town (Ch) (John Hitchens)
    Lanner & District Silver (1st) (Stuart Chappell)
    Lympstone South West Telecoms (1st) (Charles Fleming)
    Milton Keynes Brass (Ch)* (Paul Fensom)
    Poole Borough (Ch)* (Daniel Floyd)
    St Dennis (Ch) (Darren R Hawken
    Well done the First section Bands, a good day :). Nice to get another placing, 3rd is good, played well I think, well my daughter said so anyway and shes 9 so she knows :)
  8. hammerholmes

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    I would just like to change the order of the above results as it was infact Lanner & District Silver 1st, Aldbourne 2nd and Chalford in 3rd. Great day! Get in Lanner!! ;)
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    oh God sorry, egg embarresment etc..... Many apologies. Of course, well done to you, looks like the 2 lowest ranked bands on the day did the best :) sorry again
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    I have to say, it was my Brother in law who gave me this info whilst I was on the M5 and he had consumed drink :), I assumed Aldbourne had won, next time I will contact someone sober :)
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    So is there a full list of results yet?
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    Result for Training Band Section-

    1.Soundhouse Brass Training
    2.St Keverne Junior
    3.Pendennis Youth/Training
    4.TT Brass Totnes
    5.Lostwithiel Junior
  14. matt_BBb_bass

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    Mount Chalres Youth won the Youth section again :-D
  15. What a fab day we had, great result! Lanner I think have shown we are back on the map again, cracking day! Congrats to all the competing bands yesterday, and to my father Richard Rowe for winning the soloist prize! Good times :D
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    3rd Section:
    1. Weston Brass
    2. Sidmouth
    3. Bream Silver
    4. South Molton
    5. Downton
    6. Pillowell

    Best Horn Section: Weston Brass

    Well done Weston!

    Launceston won the 4th Section, and I think St Pinnock won the 2nd
  17. PPP

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    Midsomer Norton and Radstock Silver Band came second in the fourth section.:clap:
  18. ChrisL

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    1st St. Pinnock(7) Chris Spreadbury Best Instrumentalist Lauren Carroll - solo Cornet
    2nd Bugle 8 J. Willcock
    3rd Bodmin(6) Garry Lannie
    4th City of Bristol (1) Ceri Thomas
    5th Soundhouse(3) Kevin Robbins
    6th Phoenix Brass (5) D. Hatton
    7th Weston Brass(2) Tony Osborne
    8th Heyl(4) David Loukes
  19. tinytim

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    2nd Section result:
    1. St Pinnock
    2. Bugle
    3. Bodmin
    4. City of Bristol
    5. Soundhouse
    6. Phoenix
    7. Weston
    8. Heyl

    Great day for Weston winning the 3rd Section and even 7th in the 2nd wasn't too disappointing given the positive adjudicator's remarks.
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    Anyone got a full list of top section pieces and results

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