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  1. Following the area contest on the 9th March 2013, Torbay Brass Band situated in Torquay, Devon, seeks applications from all interested players on all sections. We particularly are looking for committed players to join this friendly hard working band who have a busy concert/contest diary for 2013. Please contact Chairman David on 07901647927 - Many thanks.
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    Not been on here in ages - work & kids getting in the way of banding gossip.....whatever next?

    Can't quite undestand this though. A band looking for players on ALL sections and an MD '...following the area contest...'???

    I see from Paddy Flower - and a quick glance on WoE website - that Torbay will be competing so are you planning to sack a whole band following the contest, borowing a whole band to compete, the unfortunate victims of a 'perfect storm' of adverse circumstances or 'A N Other'?

    Just curious as I don't think that I have ever seen such an advert before and wondering whether this this is something that fits with the debates regarding registration?
  3. Yes we are competing and no we are not borrowing a whole band. Regarding the MD, we are not sacking him, he has kindly agreed to take us for the contest as our previous MD was on 'trial' and we could not agree terms of appointment so they left. We are not sacking the whole band, what we are looking for is to bring in any interested players - any section of the band - to enable us to make more progress. Usually after the areas there might be a player looking for a change - and lets be honest if you get one reply to an advert you have done well! We are a friendly, hardworking band, we have a busy diary and we are keen and ambitious to move onwards and upwards!