Torbay brass band move in with the sally army!

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  1. Torbay Brass Band have moved in with the Salvation Army in Torquay Devon. Chairman David Wilkinson said ' the opportunity to move from our previous rehearsal building to the Salvation Army was too good an opportunity to turn down. The arrangement suits both the Salvation Army corps at Torquay and the band very well. The facilities are better (and warmer), and more importantly the acoustics in the building are excellent. The corps will benefit financially by us taking up residence, and we look forward to this being the first step in a new start for the band which we hope will see the band growing numerically and more important improving in our concert and contest work. Our new address is The Salvation Army, 27, Market Street, Torquay, Devon, TQ1 3AF. As they say keep watching this space for more information!
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    Congratulations to both organisations. The East Riding of Yorkshire Band moved to a Methodist Church in Hull a number of years ago. The Church gets a regular income, the band has a warm bandroom at a reasonable cost. We also do a Free Concert for them every year.

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