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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by TheMusicMan, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    I read a thread by Ian (woodenflugel) on tMP this morning about a show called "Titanic Adventure" or similar - which prompted me to have a think about what TV I find enthralling viewing.

    Not wanting to feel the wrath of the tMP moderating team by hijacking his thread I started this one.

    What is your Top TV watching then...? I recently saw a programme on BBC I think that showed the Tsunami - a year on, and featured so far unseen additional footage that clearly illustrated the devastating effects and incredibly powerful forces that were in evidence on that fateful boxing day last year. It was heart wrenching stuff seeing people being dragged to their deaths, clinging to life floating on wreckage and flotsam and I admit - I was very moved by what was shown. This was brave TV showing things as they actually happened. They also showed home video film of a young Dutch family in the process of preparing their Christmas presents, their tree etc... all on their veranda overlooking the sea. They also showed pictures - camera still running - as the father shouted to his wife to "get out" and was carrying his daughter running away from the beach-side. Unfortunately, we didn't find out what happened to that family but can safely assume that as we saw their film - that they managed to escape with their lives... not 100% convinced everyone from that family did though.

    Very sad and moving footage... but gripping and enthralling TV.

    What's yours...?
  2. Cornishwomble

    Cornishwomble Active Member

    I watched a fim on Sky Cinema called "The Tale of the Weeping Camel" yesterday afternoon which was absolutely amazing.

    It's a documentry about a family of camel herders in the Gobi desert in Mongolia. One of their camels gives birth to a very rare white calf which it rejects.
    The family spends the whole film trying to get the mother to accept the calf and then decide that they need a violinist from the town which is miles away to carry out a ritual.

    The amazing thing was that the whole film the mother was having none of it until the violinist starts playing and one of the women in the family sing to the camel. The the mother lets the calf suckle her and accepts it. The camel then starts crying!

    OK I'm no Barry Norman and maybe haven't done the film justice but I would recommend anyone to give it a go.
  3. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    What? Play the violin then suckle on a crying camel?? Jeez Roy, I'm glad you left now you strange man! LOL
  4. Cornishwomble

    Cornishwomble Active Member

    I know, I know I'm no Jonathon Ross :icon_sad:

    But please give the film a try :tup

    Also thought Rick Stein's Christmas Food heroes was good too
  5. lausonbass

    lausonbass Member

    so is this TV or films?

    TV - i love documentaries, maybe i'm just nosey but anything from people building their own houses, stuff based in hospitals to the amazing documentary- The boy who's skin fell off.

    Films - Well being th typical girlie, i love chick filcks esspecially british ones my favourite being Love Actually, so clever with all the different stories inter connecting and of course a bit of hugh grant
  6. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    "The Tube" is keeping me sane at the moment......... and I'm addicted to "The Practice", even if the stories are incredible.
  7. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Alas, it appears that the baby camel was rejected again and ended up accompanying Santa as seen in this month's tMP caption competition!

  8. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    The programme that is keeping me glued to the box is 'Rome' (Wednesdays, BBC2 9 pm and repeated late Sunday evenings).

    - music is by trumpet player Jeff Beal, by the way!
  9. Pookiyama

    Pookiyama Member

    I'm a big fan of what one may call 'classic' TV (AKA, 80s and 90s stuff). My top programmes have to be:

    Knightmare. Quite simply the best, ever, programme, of any kind. Completely unique and wickedly scary.

    ReBoot. Wonderfully innovative, addictive beyond measure and is set inside a computer, which just makes it better.

    Pokémon. The programme that got me into animé. What can I say? - Simply wonderful in many ways immeasurable to the Western eye.

    Blackadder. 'Nuff said.

    Fawlty Towers. Ditto.

    My Family. One of the best sitcoms to come from the British stables in the past few years. Penned American-style, but with fine British humour. Unbeatable.

    Family Guy. Best. American. Programme. Ever.

    The Goodies. Silly. That's enough.

    Doctor Who. Some, but not all. I like a few of the older Doctors (McCoy remaining my favourite) but the new series is class as well.
  10. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Enthralling TV? Good question! I've been thinking about this.

    I have to admit, even as an Arsenal supporter, Man Utd's last gasp Champions League victory in 1999 and Liverpool's earlier this year was enthralling viewing for me! Never have I punched the air in delight for a 'rival' club before those occasions! One other football match made me do that (other than Arsenal games) Crystal Palace beating Liverpool 4-3 in the 1990 FA Cup Semi Final

    I find nature shows (such as those David Attenborough presents) enthralling, to see how the various species of the animal and insect kingdoms live their lives.

    Other examples

    TV detective shows such as Inspector Morse and Poirot

    A programme on BBC2 earlier this evening showing what Christmas toys were popular in days gone by. Unfortunately it was presented by James May who presented like a wannabee Jeremy Clarkson, but it was interesting to see, nevertheless and I could understand the appeal of some of them even if they were released nowadays. (I always wanted a Scalextric set but never got one!)

    And I'll jump in and include enthralling listening on the radio... currently the J.S. Bach Christmas on Radio 3!
  11. Charmed

    Charmed Active Member

    Now the X Factor has finished :icon_frown: nothing much.

    But the wonderful invention of DVD means I get to watch:-

    ALIAS series 1-4
    Charmed series 1-4
    CSI Las Vegas series 1-4
    CSI Miami series 1 - 2 (to episode 12, still waiting for Series 2 episodes 13-23 to be released)
    Friends series 1-10

    OVER AND OVER AGAIN :icon_cheesygrin:
  12. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    You mean you haven't bought the X factor auditions ("best and worst") yet, Susan?

    I'm shocked.... :rolleyes:
  13. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    ABC1 on Freeview!! I wish it was on past 6pm tho :(
  14. Rach_Horn

    Rach_Horn Member

    Sex and the city!!
  15. manx_yessir

    manx_yessir Member

    Yeah I love watching those kind of documentaries too, some of them leave a real lump in your throat at the end too.
    The Documentary about 9/11 which has been on a couple of times I found really gripping and moving, especially when they tell you about the young Rookie that lost his life that day.

    The only programmes I can't miss at the moment are 'Lost' and 'Doc Martin.' Lost I find is really gripping stuff and Martin Clunes just makes me laugh in Doc Martin.
    Of course watching any Liverpool match has me hooked:icon_cheesygrin:

    And best of all...........'Shameless' is back on soon!:icon_biggrin:
  16. Charmed

    Charmed Active Member


    It was out before the final. Will buy the one that includes the 'whole' series, from 1st to last episode. I'm sure there will be one. There was with Pop Idol - Now that's another thread that could get me going!!! :terrier

    Have a nice Christmas.
  17. 1alexm

    1alexm Member

    I dont think anyone has mentioned these yet:
    and FAMILY GUY - which has been mentioned
  18. yonhee

    yonhee Active Member

    Will and Grace (which doesnt seem to be on anymore?)
    all the ones in the post above
    and I liked the magnificent seven
    cant think of any others at the moment
  19. lausonbass

    lausonbass Member

    will and grace is on channel 4 at 8.30 am every weekday.

    there are loads that you forget about, i love friends, will and grace and sex in the city too. But also the golden oldies like, cheers, roseanne, the golden girls, blossom and not forget the great Cosby show, those were the days
  20. yonhee

    yonhee Active Member

    meh Im at school then, It used to be on after friends on a friday evening after band...

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