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  1. eanto

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    Why do 'Top Players' seem to boycott this site? Any thoughts? :confused:
  2. davidquinlan

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    to busy practicing, giging, teaching... probably... :)
  3. Syrup

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    How do you know that they do? They may have usernames that keep them anonymous, or may just read threads without posting.

    You also need to be clear on what the definition of a 'top' player is.

    The likes of Mark Wilkinson & Jon Pippen are top players imho and do post. Don't personally know whether the likes of Roger Webster, Richard Marshall, or David Childs view / post on this site.
  4. brasscrest

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    "Boycott" is a strong word. It implies concerted action on a particular issue, which I seriously doubt is happening.

    I think the correct term might be "ignore".

    A few reasons might be:

    1. Top players are busy. They don't have time to sit around and post on a forum like this.

    2. They may be here, and you might not know who they are. tMP allows anonymous registration.

    3. As in many professions, top people have to be careful when, where and what they say, because their comments can be taken out of context and used against them.
  5. johnmartin

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    Sandy Smith and Alex Kerwin are/have been regular contributors.
  6. Bones

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    Prob cos they would be fed up justifying themselves for the following reasons

    1. Their expenses
    2. Their carbon footprint cos they travel loads of miles
    3. Their "exorbitant" dep fees
    4. Being accused of being ringers when they help out other bands
    5. Having their performances criticised all the time when all they do is play to the best of their ability after having practised all their lives for it, by some bottom 3rd cornet player from Gravelgob Methodist Silver Band.
    6. Being accused of being free agents and therefore pilloried constantly for it.
    7. Being told they have no commitment cos they swap bands
    8. Having their family lives and situation dragged through the mud on here by people who don't know the full picture and wondering why they bothered getting involved in Brass Banding in the first place.

    Yeah! If I was ever fortunate enough to be classed as a top player, then given the way some threads have gone recently, I think I'd "boycott" the site as well.
  7. johnmartin

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    Pretty much what I wanted to say but was afraid of the mods. Well said bones.
  8. Aidan

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    combination of 2 & 3 and all of walker's post.
  9. DobX Dave

    DobX Dave Member

    Well put 'Bones'.

    From my experience, they are just like all of us, interested in playing in brass bands and enjoy it, but they are slightly better than the average player and they are also human with feelings and have the odd bad 'note' ~ and also a nagging wife who often mentions why has 'this and that' has not been done (because they are usually practising or playing with a band).
  10. Bayerd

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  11. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    No need to be afraid of us, it's probably all very true, which is why we try and cut that sort of behaviour by the minority out...and get regulary and roundly criticised for it. :rolleyes:
  12. AndyCat

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    Nail on Head
  13. JimboFB

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    Some bands would possibly not like comments associated with members of their band and perhaps these members try to avoid any controversy (and bad press) by not commenting on certain issues.

    That said, i know of a lot of so say "top players" that do read and make private comment on certain articles on here without actually posting, so this forum certainly does a great job in getting issues out into the open for discussion (whether on here or in private).

    I would also say its difficult to determine who or what a "top player" is.
  14. BrianT

    BrianT Member

    Probably because they're content to let their playing do their talking.
  15. yorkie19

    yorkie19 Active Member

    As always Rich, spot on

    (except that my old dad is the bottom 3rd cornet player with Gravelgob Methodist, and he doesn't do criticism - you must be confusing him with the top 3rd cornet player, Jethro Tull).
  16. horn1

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    spot on :)
  17. Bones

    Bones Member

    Here here. I personally think the mods do a good job in trying to keep things impartial with as much latitude as they believe they are able to. In my opinion, they have applied "force" where it has been necessary. Let remember they are volunteers at the end of the day and more importantly it is unpaid. If we paid a subscription then they are accountable and our say holds more sway. At the moment it is a labour of love.

    I must confess recently to have become a little dissolusioned with some of the threads and posts which have been either taken personally by individuals or have been designed to cause some negative impact to individuals. The recent thread on Alex Kerwin's appointment to Black Dyke is a prime example. Whatever people's posts are in terms of their opinion, you have to remember that when feelings are hurt or untruths are made then there is a potential for libel action, now that cannot be healthy.

    As for people staying away from this site as a result of posts or threads then who can blame them when recently some of the threads and denegrated into slanging matches.

    That not withstanding, this forum and others like it are an amazing platform for us all to keep in touch, share knowledge and generally create a feeling of bonhomie amongst our much maligned movement. The tMP Band and the tMP wedding band are prime examples of this forum actually doing some good. Posts thanking individuals for their help, obtaining deps, instruments and players by the use of communication are all shining examples of the power of the electronic forum and its contributors. A shame therefore that the lustre is lost when misinformed posts are made and individuals are hurt and upset. She won't thank me for saying this, but I know that Alex herself was deeply upset by the comments made on the thread of her appointment to Black Dyke. Needless to say she had her reasons for leaving YBS and going to Dyke, and they are exactly that, her reasons. They are not for us to moralise on. A shame that one of our movement's exemplars has one of her crowning achievements in her brass band career tainted by the thoughtless posts of the few.

    Therefore, in response to the topic, why do our Top Players seemingly "boycott" the site. Well, read the threads over the last few months and then ask the question again. There is the argument that these top players put themselves on a pedastal therefore they are in the firing line. Personally I do not agree with this. They are people, human beings with feelings and ambitions just like us all, are they to be "burnt like witches" just because they are more talented than us. I don't think so.
  18. Jan H

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    I don't know who you call top players, but I have seen posts by Steven Mead, Sandy Smith, John Doyle, Alex Kerwin, Bert Van Thienen, Alan Morrison,... and some other "top palyers" or members from "top bands" that use a pseudonymn. There are also quite a number of well known conductors and composers who are members of tMP.

    On the other hand, I agree with Bones comments about why some of these "top players" would choose not to join in our discussions, or to remain anonymous.

    John, no reason to be afraid of us (or at least of me ;) ). But there seems to be quite a vocal minority on this site who seems to think that it is there right to drag other people through the mud. But when we try to avoid this, we are being accused of "stiffling debate", "denouncing the right of free speech" or some things that I won't even mention here. So you see, we're on the same side really :)
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  19. sudcornet

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    ...Rich Walker, Aidan Smith, Chris Doran, John Ward, Kevin Moxon, et al....perhaps unheralded, but definitely "top players".....boycott? such animal here.

  20. davdub

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    Well said Rich.

    I think most players that I know in the upper reaches of our movement tend to look in on this site every now and then, but to be honest there isn't a lot worth getting exited about in threads such as:-

    What's your favourite march introduction
    is the yamamoto baritone better than the eight valve barkerphone!
    (Give me the eight valve any day) oops have I just been drawn into it?

    It's about trying to enjoy yourself making music to the best of your ability, what ever standard you are.
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