Top Euphonium Teacher needed

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    Can anyone recommend a top Euphonium teacher within c. 50 miles or so of Cheltenham?

    Looking for someone to teach my son who is currently studying grade 8 and needs to take his playing to the next level for his diploma, etc.
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    You might be struggling in this location to be honest, might be better to try further afield (maybe steven mead or david childs?) I know they both give lessons as friends of mine have been to see them both on fairly regular occasions.

    Slightly further away, but probably worth it in the long run
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    Lots of options in Birmingham Neil (such as Alwyn Green) or David could travel down to Cardiff quite easily by train to see David Childs ? It's also worth considering the Junior Department at Birmingham for David as he also sings and does a bit of percussion. He could condense all his lessons into one day that way.
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    What do you mean by top euphonium teacher? I am sure you can find some one local to Cheltenham area, Lyn Baglin is not that far away is he? I have taught a few euphonium players and other brass players to diploma level, in fact two of my pupils are currently preparing for a diploma.