Top 20 Tracks Voted on All Brass Radio Jan 2016

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    Top 20 as Voted on by the Listeners of
    1. The Brighouse & Rastrick Band - The Floral Dance
    2. Brass of the Potomac - Post Vellum Rhapsody
    3. Black Dyke Band - The Trombone King
    4. Brass Band Bern - Spluga
    5. John Barber with Foden's Band - The Summer Knows
    6. Camberwell Citadell Band - Able
    7. International Staff Band - Nearer My God To Thee
    8. All Star Girls of Brass - 1812 Overture
    9. Bristol Easton Band of The Salvation Army - Crown Him With Many Crowns
    10. World Championship 2005 - The Flying Slide
    11. Brass Band Bern - Jet d’eau
    12. Whitburn Band - Reflections Of Freedom
    13. Brass Band de Wâldsang - Only Love
    14. Brass Band of Battle Creek - Lohengrin
    15. The Band of the West Yorkshire Police - Last Post / Rouse
    16. Enfield Citadel Band - When I Remember
    17. Stonesfield Silver Band - James Bond Collection
    18. Black Dyke Band - Star Wars
    19. International Staff Band - Golden Slippers (David Daws)
    20. Virtuosi GUS Band - And the Winter Moon Rises

    Note: I am in the middle of a fund drive. I have always wanted the station to be free for anyone to listen to - and in that regard, it has flourished with hundreds of listeners a day.

    Some of you know my story and some do not. A quick overview. I was in a nasty car accident and I nearly died. They gave me only a 5% chance of making it the first night. I can no longer work and when I started the radio station, it was a hobby I could afford. I can no longer afford to keep it running without subscriptions. Go to for more information.
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