Top 20 on All Brass Radio for April, 2015

Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by DocFox, May 7, 2015.

  1. DocFox

    DocFox Retired

    Midwest, USA

    1. International Staff Band - Largo from The New World Symphony
    2. Dalewool Auckland Brass - Pirates of the Caribbean
    3. Cory Band & Cantorion - Benedictus
    4. Brass Band Buizingen - Land Of Make Believe
    5. Black Dyke Band - Crimson Tide
    6. Fodens Band - Procession to the Minster
    7. Brighouse Rastrick Band with David Hirst - Olympic Spirit
    8. The National Band Of New Zealand - Punchinello
    9. The Brighouse & Rastrick Band - Old Hundreth
    10. Willebroek Brass Band - Je T'adore

    11. Black Dyke Band - Japanese Slumber Song
    12. The Brighouse & Rastrick Band - Hymn Of The Highlands
    13. Polysteel Band - The Irish Blessing Rating
    14. Steven Mead And Sound Inn Brass - Moz!
    15. Polysteel Band - The Irish Blessing
    16. Michael Nyman - Magic Forest [from The Ogre]
    17. Stonesfield Silver Band - James Bond Collection
    18. Polysteel Band - Bendictus From The Armed Man
    19. Buy As You View Cory Band - Show Me The Way To Go Home
    20. EYMS Brass Band - Cry Me a River

    New tunes put on the station from The 2nd Rossendale Scout Group Band, Wingates, Northrop Silver Band, Amsterdam Staff Band (SA), and the Flowers Band. In addition, 25 "down voted" tracks were removed. I try to keep the playlist around 600 tunes. The website is always changing and there are some great mouthpiece charts on the website I have made over a 10 year process.
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