Top 20 Melodies on All Brass Radio Station for Jan., 2017

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    Never said or even inferred you were a liar,just offered an opinion as to your music play. Christian, pastor and seminary graduate plus four college degrees means what in direct correlation to your playlist. I also have a degree from a British university, (just for info - it was over 30 years ago). Does paranoia rule?
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    Look in the mirror!
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    After that reply, I will bow out. Carry on and talk to Mr Roberts. You have just lost a person who thought you had things worth saying.
    Auf wiedersehen, Ciao, Adieu, Adios etc.
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    You call me paranoid, I respond in kind, and you in the words of Monty Phyton, you "Gladly ran away." Hmmm ... I did not start this battle. And my comments about my degrees was to show where my moral base came from, not to challenge yours. I know that there are some very finely educated people on this board. I did, however, question the morality of some of the posters coming after me. It also was a general comment you took personally. What does a decent person make of that?

    That you didn't like being bunched in with a group that was calling me a liar and was causing a now 2 page battle over NOTHING? I do not control the voting. This is tantamount to calling a reporter a terrorist because he is reporting on terror cells in the middle east. Incomprehensible logic. To further the analogy, it is like saying the reporter MUST be a terrorist to knows "much. Incredible.

    "I like my brass music on records, remember them?" That is about as stupid as saying I like my terrorists when the came in Legions from Rome. My friends, I am probably a lot older than you think.

    I am not paranoid. A lot of you are ganging up on me, even if I make an innocuous post. It is ludicrous, and flat mean and a horrible way to treat any upstanding human being.

    And Euphman2, if you had thought I had something worthwhile to say, why did you join the bully gang? I believe you because you said so that you thought "I had something worthwhile to say." But it shows a very conflicted moral and intellectual stance.

    And the only thing I wanted to do is post my Top 20 list each month in peace. I will not participate in any other threads. I ask graciously for peace. Is that too much to ask for, or are some of you so evil, you cannot let and old, and probably dying man, have that simple request? I may quit posting the Top 20 here anyway. If I do die, then how would you lot know? I'm sure my death is worth a round of pints to several on this board.
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    Most "ordinary" audiences would rather listen to "Lincolnshire Poacher" than "Resurgam".
    Don't forget that this voting list is generated from people listening to tracks as they are played and not Jim's own favourites.
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    Just why at every opportunity do you mention your "Illness" the other day you posted along the lines of "No one likes me so Im leaving this forum" a couple of days later you post a thread reminding us of how "Ill" you are and asking for donations !

    Ive seen cheap Nigerian Scammers with less obvious ways to get people to give them money.
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    Well, you don't have to give any money.

    But some logic might shed some light. If I do not get the help I need in my life, I want the station to go on. It is MORE IMPORTANT that I raise money for the station now than it was when I was feeling good. Also, the fundraiser started before my downhill swing. I am leaving this forum. I will never start another thread or jump into one.

    I simply posted a top 20 VOTED on list. That is all I did. Two pages of mean nonsense have pursued. I will stand my ground because, in fact, no one here scares me. You can answer a post with one sentence so quickly -- the one above is simply one long run-on sentence.

    Do you have a heart or soul? Do you ever tire of being mean? You have accused me of posting a top 20 list as a great sales pitch for a FREE radio station. I sell nothing. Now you accuse me of telling the truth to increase giving. Few on this board care about the world's largest Brass Band Radio Station anyway. More people listen from Japan than the UK.

    Keep your wallet in your pocket. You never listen to the station or this thread would have never started. You are talking about things you know nothing about.
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    Well done. You truly are a hero
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    This place is and always will be less than friendly at times, however there are many fine and decent people on this board and over your time here some have tried to help you interact with it in a happier way. Sadly for you you haven't heard, understood and then acted on what's been offered; that's not so clever for a chap with several degrees and a waste of time for those kind enough to try and help you. Now here's a very simple rule that you would be wise to follow: do not respond to any post at all and do that no matter how outrageous others comments might be. Start this now by not responding to my post and continue by not responding to anyone else's.

    Simples: It takes two to argue. If you can't do the above now then your health and best interests would be served by you leaving the forum until you can.
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    First thing I want to point out Doc is that the reason you probably feel targeted – ultimately I think – is a cultural thing. Appreciate that in the US (certainly from the elements I’ve seen) people have a lot of respect for the Flag and the State. Whilst there has been a recent backlash against the political classes (which is a global thing – “Draining the Swamp” was for many the underlying reason for Brexit) there is a general respect for the President and his (or her) office, for the Stars and Stripes, the Military etc. There also seems to be a big respect for the Church.

    The UK is different – there is comparatively very little respect for those in charge – especially when the “Others” (depending on whether you are left or right wing) are in the majority in the House of Commons. The UK seems to be split between those that want to keep the flag (Union Flag) or break it down into constituent parts, and move beyond devolution into complete breakup of the union. In terms of the other side of the pond, it would be similar to the Southern states having a loud voice at a national level about setting up their own Confederacy again.

    If you have a different view, generally there is a “pisstaking” culture (ie making fun of the other side). This stops disputes over things like politics, sport (especially Football – or soccer) or the weather turning into punch-ups between people that would otherwise live or work together normally.

    Its rarely meant on a personal basis, and usually the best way of handling it is either to ignore it, counter it with facts that cant be argued against, or give as good as you get. Getting defensive only increases the problem, and accusing others that had made casual comment on the sidelines is only going to add to the “here goes the Doc again” feeling.

    I appreciate that this is probably an different concept to how you would usually handle life, but remember this is a fundamentally British message board, and therefore its better to probably try and “get” the culture behind it if you can. Not many people outside the UK really “Get” Brits – just as we struggle to “Get” other cultures. But you won’t win unless you try
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    With regards to the comments on CD playlists – I have to say for one of the first times in my life I do actually agree with BbMad on something even if she was a bit tongue in cheek. Personally I’d rather listen to the Brassed Off soundtrack 9/10 than I would listen to Blitz! or indeed any other testpieces. That’s because I only ever listen to band CDs in the car as a rule – when I’m having to concentrate on driving and want something fairly lightweight in the background. On the odd occasion I listen to tracks at home then I do get a bit more diverse – some of the classic testpieces – but I still intermingle them with the odd bit of American Trilogy, Goff Richards and – dare I say it – Lincolnshire Poacher.

    Most of the bands in my local area are non-contesting community bands and as such still play a lot of this stuff. I was bought up with it, and still play it especially when I dep locally. For me banding isn’t just about Pageantry or Land of the Long White Cloud or Rhapsody for Brass – its about The Floral Dance, Hootenanny, Love Changes Everything and Piper in the ##### Meadow too…..I wouldn’t want to play it all the time, but it’s a throwback to younger (and more carefree) times when I do

    At the end of the day we are all essentially what the world (OK – Brits) would call Geeks – most of my work colleagues glaze over if I talk to them about the delights of my new Prestige Euph, how it sings so clearly on top Bs and Cs and even though I now play on a bucket Mouthpiece I still can get up to Fs/Gs above top C without too much effort. Likewise they haven’t got a clue what Im talking about if I refer to Ray Steadman Allen or Eric Ball.

    And I would suggest most people on here are in exactly the same boat.

    For that reason I would happily talk to fellow banders all day long – and have done. I was talked at for hours by the bass trombone of a Yorkshire 3rd Section band at Butlins, but happily did so at the time because it was banding. I did try and avoid him in the bar later though. I will listen to what they like, I might take the wet if they say they like xyz piece of yellow music – but will actually still secretly be happy if next time I play with a local village band, the MD pulls it out of the pad. Only as a one-off, you understand.

    Life is too short to get upset. I’m backing out of this conversation now, but will leave you with the thought of a tune from a piece that my 9 year old tenor horn playing son played at our local town band last night…..”Yesterday” from Beatles Medley #1. The lyrics are perhaps quite pertinent to the current arguments on this and other threads…….
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    I am sure you are correct, my post only intended to try to highlight the bands featured which to me were not among the higher ranked bands of the world, but some more obscure ensembles. That was all my point and nothing more.
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    Personally I think that's quite good though - its nice to have wider recognition that the Brass Band world consists of more than a handful of admittedly top class musical outfits.....
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    I am also going to put my head in the noose and say that Harold L. Walters was a genius.
    Instant Concert has never been bettered - it is perfectly crafted for what it is !
    Hootenanny and Country and Western revolutionised the music of lower section bands as indeed did Floral Dance and Lincolnshire Poacher. these pieces may well have saved many bands from disappearing in the 1970s.
    These pieces kept me interested and active in banding as a youngster long enough for me to discover the likes of Malcolm Arnold (Little Suite/Fantasy for brass) and Edward Gregson (Connotations).
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