Top 20 List for July, 2015 for All Brass Radio

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    1. The International Staff Band - French
    2. Canadian Staff Band - In The King's Service
    3. JJB Sports Leyland Band - Olympic Fanfare & Theme
    4. Cory Band - Olympic Spirit
    5. Black Dyke Band - Ave Maria
    6. Bristol Easton Band of The Salvation Army - Shine Jesus Shine
    7. EYMS Brass Band - Skyfall
    8. Willebroek Brass Band - Kung Fu Fighting
    9. Black Dyke Mills Band - Mars, The Bringer of War
    10. Cory - Norwegian Blue

    11. The International Staff Band - The Universal Message
    12. Kettering Citadel Band Of The Salvation Army - Mission of the Millennium
    13. Leyland Band - Y.M.C.A.
    14. The International Staff Band Of The Salvation Army - Temple 125
    15. The Brighouse & Rastrick Band - Punchinello
    16. Black Dyke Band - A Pittsburgh Overture
    17. The Brighouse & Rastrick Band - Old Hundreth
    18. Brass Band Of Central Florida - Fanfare for the Common Man
    19. International Staff Band Of The Salvation Army - Largo
    20. Black Dyke Band - Blue Thunder

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    Note: I mention this a lot because I get emails about it all the time. Is my station legal? Yes. In the US, the US passed a law called "The Digital Millennium Copyright Act" (known at the DMCA of 1999). In the US, where I live, as long as I pay my royalties it is legal. There are thousands of illegal stations on the internet. I pay my royalties. Any band can file with ASCAP or one of the two other agencies and receive a royalty payment. It would be very small since I think I am the only station playing All Brass Band music.

    BTW, my email is I appreciate notes. The station is free, but I do ask for donations.

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    Version 1.3 of the Apple App is ready

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