Tony Robinson's Titanic adventure

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    Did anyone else see this fantastic programme on Channel 4?

    For those who didn't see it he went to the Titanic shipwreck site where a hugely enthusiastic James Cameron (the Titanic film director) was doing his last in a ten year long series of dives down to the ship itself. He was using all sorts of fancy submersibles and RoV's to relay live pictures of the interior back to the surface. Some of the rooms (mostly the Turkish baths) were fantastically well preserved with amazing artefact's everywhere - that clock, the china crockery which somehow survived the hull-breaking impact of the ship hitting the sea bed.

    The last dive where Tony actually got to go in a submersible with "Jim" for a mammoth dive was a bit of an anti-climax though as they had huge technical problems with the various camera bots (Tony looked bored to tears in some of the shots :icon_wink: ) so marring what was to be a huge fact finding mission. Ah well. Still, this was a great program and the hour-and-a-half passed very quickly. Quality telly, if you missed it and get the chance to watch a repeat and have any interest whatsoever in the Titanics beguiling and tragic story then do so.
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    I'm glad I taped it then, looking forward to watching it, once Christmas Carols are out of the way!
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    There's another programme on about the Titanic on 29th December.
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    I watched some of it, it was really good, well worth a watch if it's repeated!
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    I recorded it too. It was an excellent programme. The way in which they overcame the difficulties of just getting down the two and a half miles to the seabed was impressive, apart from anything else. I can't make up my mind on where I stand on the issue of bringing artefacts up from the wreck. On the one hand it would be fascinating to see them on the surface, but on the other hand it is a mass grave. Sad to think that the Titanic herself will be gone forever in a few decades, as she continues to deteriorate.
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    If you tune to More4+1 (digital only), it's on right now (till 10)!!!!!
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    Woah, what happened there?!?!

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