Tongwynlais out in the cold (for charity!)

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    While the majority of the worlds population try their best to soothe their hangovers at 10am on New Years Day, some 8,000 mad people flock to Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire to participate in the charity event "New Years Day Swim".

    The event attracts members of the Welsh Rugby team every year. And, now in its silver anniversary will attract members of the Tongwynlais Temperance Silver Band to help raise money for many worthy causes.

    The band will give a short concert before the big event where many of the brave band members are also joining about 1,000 others by marching into the sea. However, the band are short of a bass player so if anyone would like to join in???

    The event is projected to raise over £25,000.
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    OMG!!! Not looking forward to this now. It's getting far too cold!!

    Anyone fancies sponsoring us now that we're still alive!!!?