Tombone and Euphonium player available

Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by donlogie, May 23, 2005.

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    Trombone and Euphonium player available

    Hi there!

    I am a Freelance Trombone and Euphonium player based in Kent.
    Played for a variety of bands over the years, more recently 2nd Trom for Hepworth at Saddleworth 2005 and Principal Euph for Zone One Brass for three years.

    Willing to travel anywhere and willing to do short notice (within reason!). Don't think I'm signed to anyone at the moment, so could play in any section.

    If you need me, call me.


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    Dam i realy need a good tuba player, i have no decent tuba players in my band (dont tell my brother Lee) half of them still have the fingerings on!!!!!!
  4. donlogie

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    There's no shame in having the fingerings marked on music! Most of my work is in bass clef, and if my part has more than 5 ledger lines (big band) , i usually mark in the odd slide marking or two!

    Only thing is, there is no exuse for wrong notes if you have fingerings / slide positions marked....... :oops:
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    So you've got past the "waggle and hope" approach to trombone playing then Don?
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    Sometimes, it's waggle with no hope.

    But then again, I was always that step ahead of you kiltmaster.

    When are you going to catch up? Have you mastered playing with your eyes open yet?

    Don - Pontins bin hockey champion 2000