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    How do you raise money fast? apart for the illegal answers of course!

    United Coop Yorkshire are hopefully off to New Zealand in March, however, although the band has raised a lot of money so far, we are still a long way off the target.

    I'm not writing a begging post, but any suggestions would be gratefully received.

    Current ideas - a calender, tombola, ball, fete - the usual.



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    When our band qualified for the National Finals in 2003.

    Myself did a sponsored swim of 100 lenghts and raised £950.00Doing front crawl and i set up a competitopn for the band to put a time down to have a guess how long it would take me i did 100Lenghts of a 25m pool in 1hr 3 mins 28secs.
    The closest time was 1.02.38 and they got 24 cans of beer as aprize.
    That was just one event we did but we did a
    Guess the baby pictures of band members and it was £1.00 ago raised £50.00.
    We also had many donations given as well from £25-£500.
    At the end of the day we had more than enough to go to the finals and it also paid for the band members accomodation when we did Butlins in 2003.
    Hope some of these help
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    loads of concerts. maybe make a CD?
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    fill smartie tubes with 20p coins apparently you get about £15 in one tube
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    fundraising concerts are always good, and lots of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    thanks for youe replies.

    We have produced a cd just recently - entitled 'Futures', but sales appear to be a little slow - so if you want one, you know who to contact!

    the 20p thing sounds good, we've had a small change bucket in the bandroom and that has raised a few quid.

    We had a ball in the summer which went down well with an auction as part of it too - we are currently arranging a valentines ball for the beginning of feb, but we still have a long way to go.

    thanks for your help, and let me kow if you have any more ideas
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    Just to say that the cd is well worth investigation, not least for the commendably adventurous programming, with a couple of new compositions and some first-class, fresh arrangements, together with some excellent work by all the soloists :shock:
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    We had a few ideas that worked well, a balloon or duck race is really good (go to a contest to sell the tickets - nothing beets drunk banders!), sponsered washing out instruments is good as well because everybody gets something out of it (as long as you've got someone willing to do the washing!) and we had a treasure hunt that was good. You could always just go back to old faithful... THREE LEGGED PUB CRAWL!!!!!