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    New tMP 'Live' Experience - 'On The Spot Interviews'

    [imgleft][/imgleft] In our continued quest to provide new ideas here on tMP, we are proud to announce our latest initiative - The tMP... "On The Spot" Interviews. Following hot on the heels of last year's 'Interview Online' experiment (which we hope to expand on in the near future) this latest innovation is a series of unique 'live' interviews whereby well-known banding personalities have agreed to make themselves available at an agreed time-slot, to answer any question thrown at them by tMP'ers who are online within that particular time-frame.

    This series will be kicked off this forthcoming Sunday - February 26th - 17:00 through to 18:00 and the first person in the tMP Hot Seat is none other than cornet virtuoso, Alan Morrison. [imgright][/imgright]
    So, how will it work?

    Well to put it simply - it will only work if we have the support of our members, who by being online at the time post their questions to Alan, in the way of simply posting a reply to the interview thread. In order for it to work as an interview, please be aware that all questions submitted to the thread will need to be approved before they appear, this is both to help structure the 'interview' and also to give Alan a chance to answer a question before facing the next one! Of course, we don't expect everyone to be online during that time, so if you are unable to be here, then you are welcome to submit a question beforehand which we may use within the interview, but as this is a live event, priority will be given to those online at the time. We will consider questions on any topic - apart from questions directly linked to Alan's role as an adjudicator in the forthcoming regional contests. We are afraid that this is a necessity as we have to guard against favouritism - any answers to questions of such nature would have to be seen by all bands taking part in Alan's sections in order for it to be truly impartial - and we have no way of ensuring this is the case, so apart from that, Alan is happy to answer questions related to playing, technique, general adjudication etc.

    So that's a taster for now, we will be releasing more details and instructions over the next few days, so please get your thinking caps on and think of some questions for Alan! ... and look out for the new tMP Live area on tMP which is where you can submit your questions - coming to a tMP enabled computer near you ASAP!
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    Confirmation of tMP's first "... on the Spot" interview/online workshop event featuring cornet virtuoso, Alan Morrison. Alan will be on tMP live, answering all your questions as described above at the following time:

    Sunday, 26th Feb at 17:00 GMT to 18:00 GMT

    I will shortly be opening a new area where tMP'ers who are unable to be online at that time but who have questions they would like to put to Alan can still post them.
  3. TheMusicMan

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    The new "... on the Spot" area is now open on tMP, and for those who are unable to make it online on Sunday at 17:00 GMT for an hour, you are now able to submit your questions to Alan in this area.

    Click Here to Submit your Questions

    All threads are moderated and so they won't be viewable until Alan starts to answer them live on tMP on Sunday afternoon.

    So come on... get your questions submitted. Hope you join us for the exciting new event.
  4. HBB

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    Wow! What a great idea John. I think this is a great opportunity to get a true proffessional to answer any possible queries that us, the humble bandsman may have.

    I really hope that tMPers take use of this extremely lucky event, and encourage more Brass stars to do the same!

    Well done John and tMP! :)
  5. TheMusicMan

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    Many thanks to those who have submitted their questions so far... and for anyone who is unable to make it on Sunday - you are able to submit your question now in readiness for when Alan in live on tMP.

    Don't forget though that you won't see the questions until Sunday yeah!! So please do keep them coming folks...

  6. ChewyTuba

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    on the spot

    Thanks for the invite, but I dont finnish work til 20:00.

    But I would like the shirt I sent to you to be printed last year. please, please, please, John.
  7. Di

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    Don't forget, if you're unable to get here for 5pm, you can post a question in advance. :)

    Click Here to Submit your Questions
  8. Roger Thorne

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