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    [IMGLEFT][/IMGLEFT] the tMP 24 Months Live Fun Awards

    Remember what fun we had when we did the "12 Months Live Awards" last year, well believe it or not but tMP has been around for a staggering 24 months now and we'd very much like to do it for you all over again!! Look out then first thing tomorrow morning (Sat 20th Nov) for a brand new award catagory - where you will see the nomination threads for each of the selected awards.

    As in the two previous fun competitions, you will have a week to make your nominations for each category after which we will tally all the nominations up and prepare the polls which will contain each of your nominations.

    Here's the main announcement, categories and rules.

    As people who participated in the 6 and 12 months live events will testify, these were great fun and we had a real laff running them. We hope they will be the same this time around. Please make your nominations and vote when they have been compiled. Please enjoy!
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