tMP Upgrade - 6th Dec 2005 for approx two weeks!!

Discussion in 'tMP Site News & Suggestions' started by dyl, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Just a quick announcement to inform that tMP is undergoing some major upgrading changes tonight, and over the next few days. We hope to minimise the disruption on our users as much as possible, however it may be required that the forums are shut down temporarily - so don;t panic if you see tMP disappearing for a few days!

    You may notice too that only one viewing style will be available once the upgarde is complete - the 'Clean' style - this is down to compatability issues with the new version of the forum software. We aim to have things return to normal as soon as possible afterthe upgrade is complete.

    Sorry for the short notice on this folks, but these changes are necessary for the continued security and well-being of tMP.

    We will provide further details on the upgrade process tomorrow.
  2. DaveR

    DaveR Active Member

    Reading, UK
    A few days?!! I'm getting twitchy from the withdrawal symptoms already ;)

    Good luck with the upgrade.

  3. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    OK, a little more information about the proposed upgrade as promised.

    The software used by tMP - vBulletin vB3.0.8 currently - has recently gone through a major overhaul with some fantastic new features and controls under-the-hood which will make running and managing the site a lot easier both for me, and for the team. It also allows me to very easily install additional modules and code enhancements as what are termed plug-ins - in a far easier manner than I am able to with the current version. This makes providing additional services and features much easier, and opens up a whole new range of opportunities for me and what we can offer to you all in time. I am sure you will immediately see the benefits once we are upgraded.

    I also have to consider security implications et al. The software has gone through at least 7 versions since we last upgraded, and I am sure you will agree with me that I need to keep tMP secure with the latest security features and anti-spamming functionality etc. None of us wants to see inappropriate new members posting some of the rubbish we see on some sites. The latest version significantly improves security and offers far more anti-spam and account protection measures.

    On the down side, there is a slight cost to this though - and significantly it is in the area of aesthetics/styles. The new vBulletin engine is not able to use any of the styles and templates associated with the current version; which means that the styles used on tMP will be limited for the time being to just the one, which is Clean. This is the only tMP style that has been updated by the coder/designer to work with the latest version of the software. The tMP303 style - which apart from internet pirates and thieves - is a unique and custom style I had designed specifically for tMP when we moved to vBulletin some 20 months ago now! WOW - where has time gone eh? But to get this style compatible with the latest version would cost me in excess of £200, and so you can perhaps understand why I am not going to do this just yet. I might do at some point if there is demand, and if I can raise some more funds, but I'm afraid not just now. Apologies to those who use that style. tMP Clean is a very nice style though.

    As soon as the upgrade is completed we will have two styles to choose from. The default tMP style will be tMP Clean, with an additional style being the default style supplied with vBulletin - we used to have that one on here a few months ago. I will tune it up and customise it as much as I am able to so that we then see the usual tMP colours, images and logo etc.

    There will also be some things that will need further updating and I am looking to everyone to please shout if you see something that is not quite right, or that doesn't work in the way you feel it should. We presently have many hacks installed on tMP which we will need to replicate in the new version, and I have an excellent coder from Switzerland who you might see online - Colin F - doing this work for me. He's doing a sterling job, and will try to avoid any disruption to the site as much as possible. We are bound to miss some things, so please do shout as you find the, I'd be most grateful for this.

    So, there you go... I'll press on with some more stuff now... wish us luck... thanks for your patience and understanding.

    Cheers all....

  4. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    UPDATE: Still working on the various code modifications and add-ons that we have implemented over the last three years to ensure that when we upgrade the server, these amendments will work with the new version of the software we use.

    Apologies this is taking so long, hang on in there whilst we continue to finish these enhancements and prepare for the big upgrade.

    Cheers all...
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